SUMMER 1998:

June 27-28: Peak Climb Forgot the location.  Fix as soon as possible. Contact Gram Wagener if you want to go. One of three required prep climbs for Long Peak climb.

July ?: Sailing Activity

July 5: Meeting Prepation for the NELC.  Meet at 7 PM at the Scout Room.

July12-18: National Explorer Leadership Conference at the Univ. of Maryland. Plan now to attend the National Explorer Leadership Conference at theUniversity of Maryland, in Baltimore, in July of 1998. This is a great conference. Several of us have been to them in Flagstaff AZ, last year, and Indiana University in 94 on Outdoor High Adventure Staff.. It's a "hoot" and reasonably priced...about $300 for staff, plus airfare for the week. We will plan to take a Council Explorer Contingent and may team up with Denver and Colorado Springs Explorers.

July 25-26: Longs Peak Climb

August ?: Sailing Activity

August 2: Meeting

August 5-8: White Water High Adventure or TBA  Green River?

September ?: Sailing with Houston Ship

September 13: Meeting 7 PM doen in the Scout Room.  Elections, winter park mt. bike trip, review of the summer

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Created 8/31/97. Updated: 9/09/98