Welcome to Longmont
Business and
Professional Women

Longmont, Colorado

We help women achieve professional and personal goals through programs, workshops, networking and friendship.  All is achieved through monthly meetings and other
sponsored activities. 

The Longmont organization  was chartered in December 1998.    Please see our calendar for upcoming events.  As a member of Longmont BPW you automatically become a member of BPW/USA and Colorado BPW.

BPW/USA was founded in 1919 and has become a reality over those 75 years.  Through the years BPW has worked on legislative platforms such as Equal Rights Amendment (formally endorsed by BPW at the 1937 Atlantic City Convention and not passed in congress until 1972).  We are a bipartisan organization.  All laws passed have a lasting
effect on our lives today and in the future, and we take part in the legislative issues which concern us.

Hundreds of Colorado working women and men from over 30 communities are members of Colorado BPW.  Offering grants, loans and scholarships to Colorado women who need assistance in reaching their educational goals.   
During National Business Women's Week in October, BPW organizations honor business women of accomplishments in communities all across Colorado. 

For additional information about BPW  fill out our request form.

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