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Some points from the Second Traffic Impact Study

Wal-Mart's traffic study assumes that the city will six-lane Hover from 119 to 3rd. Although this is in the newest Comprehensive Plan, the engineer I talked to didn't think that a feasibility study was ever done, and in fact, this council didn't even want to think about it. He also thinks that six-laning Hover north of 3rd might be extremely problematic, if not impossible. So what happens at 3rd? Six lanes turn to four with the possibility to go down 3rd. Add to this a railroad track. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?

Wal-Mart is externalizing the road work on to the city, and there has never even been a feasibility study...

Also, they want to "minimize the green time" for the traffic light on Hover at Nelson road. This will cause congestion on Hover.

Placing lights at 1/4 mile apart causes congestion and accidents. (The traffic engineer said there are a lot of accidents at Mtn. View and Hover due in part to the 1/4 mile spacing on 15th Ave.) Wal-Mart wants to put in a light 1/4 mile north of the one on Nelson, and 1/4 mile south of the one on Rogers.

There will be five other businesses with the Wal-Mart. Here are some numbers on how many car trips per day they generate: On the weekday Wal-Mart will cause 10,330 car trips per day (tpd) and on Saturday 12,115 tpd
Two sit down restaurants (14,400 sq. ft. combined) Weekday: 1,940 tpd, Saturday: 2,360
Fast Food: Weekday: 1,985 tpd, Saturday: 2,890
Gas Station: Weekday: 2,700 tpd, Saturday: no data
Bank: Weekday: 1,060 tpd, Saturday: 265