Niwot Community Tid Bits

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Contact Howard Harbison Last Update: 1/12/98

  • Need for substitute school bus drives

    a. Applicants must be 21 years of age and must have a good driving record.

    b. Applicants selected will be provided the necessary driver training, including DCL licensing.

    c. Apply at St. Vrain School District,
    395 South Pratt Parkway,
    Longmont, CO 80501

    d. Please call 303-652-7253 for more information


    The Department of Food Services needs good, dependable substitutes to work in our school meals programs. The hourly pay rate for substitutes is $5.80. Hours can vary from 2-5 hours per day, on an "on- call" basis. If interested, please apply at SVVSD Department of Human Resources, 395 S. Pratt Parkway, Longmont.

    Please, be sure to list "Food Services" on the application under the "position desired". If you have any questions, please, call the Department of Food Services at 682-7251

    Boulder County Sheriff's Department - Niwot Sub-station

    The Niwot sub-station has been relocated into the Niwot Fire Station facilities, Longview Drive and Niwot Road, just east of 83rd street(up the hill) on Niwot Rd.

    Deputy Sheriff, Russ Nanney has notified us of a "non- emergency" dispatch telephone number, 441-4444, which can be dialed, to request a "welfare check" on a friend/neighbor. The sheriff's dept. will dispatch a car to check out the request!

  • "Eagle Place at Niwot" - Niwot Senior Housing

    A new "Senior Housing " 12 unit complex was dedicated, Dec. 17, 1997, in Niwot, located behind the Cottonwood Shopping Center at 79th St. and Niwot Road. The complex was opened January 6, 1998 and a waiting list, already, is in existence. Preference is being given to age 65 and over, low-income ($20.3K/individual, max. yearly income) "Niwot Service Area Seniors". "Eagle Place at Niwot" is owned by the Boulder County Housing Authority.

    Call 441-3929 for more information.

    Boulder County Land Use Department "Regulations" - On-line;

    Boulder County, just last year, developed a residential land use code, which allows for an "accessory use" of a residential lot in a way which allows a separate, unattached 700 sq. ft. dwelling to be built on premises, which can be occupied by the "Senior owner" for senior housing or by a "caretaker" for the "Senior owner". The permit is a $1,000 non-refundable cost and approximately 1 year "approval" time; click on "County Regulations", below to view "Article 4-516's, official wording.

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