Election of Officers: At the annual meeting held on January 26, 1998, the Interfaith Council elected a new slate of officers. Rev. Kurt Kuhwald and Steve Rohrbach will serve as co-Presidents Edina Preucel is the new Secretary Rev. Marjorie Carroll is the new Treasurer For more information about the work and goals of the council, contact Rev. Kurt Kuhwald at 494-0195, Steve Rohrbach at 823-9303, Edina Preucel at 666-9415, Rev. Marjorie Carroll at 604-9845 or Past President, Stan Grotegut at 443-2291.

FROM YOUR LATE PRESIDENT: The mantle and role of leadership within religious communities is a fascinating subject. Indeed, what gives our traditions their peculiar style and character is often related to how we define and recognize our leaders. We have various models; the rabbinical, the priestly, the prophetic, the charismatic, the shaman, the shepherd, the guru, etc.. Let me offer another one suggested and lived out by Gandhi. Once he said the following regarding leadership: "There comes a time when an individual becomes irresistible and his/her action becomes all-pervasive in its effect. This comes when he reduces himself to zero." What would the world or our communities look like if our leaders strove to become naught? Gandhi did not mean some wimpy psychological shell game, but an utter recasting of the prevailing paradigm of power and status. Perhaps he had in mind the sociological equivalent of an atomic explosion: the extraordinary energy released when the individual succeeds in making herself into zero.

Stan Grotegut

We Live Interfaith Mahatma Gandhi once said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." I shared that with the Welcoming Congregation class at my church last night and there was an immediate pulse of acknowledgment and affirmation. One form of the "be-ing change" I am passionate about is that in interfaith religious consciousness growing here at the ragged end of the twentieth century. I am impressed that the attending members of the Interfaith Council of Boulder treat each other with such caring and respect, and also that they share a deep vision of joining with faiths other than there own to care for the people of Boulder Valley. To assist the life and growth of such an organization is a gift, indeed---so I'm very happy to be sharing the Chair of the Council with Steve Rohrbach for the coming year. My hope is that our tenure will reflect the commitment so evident in its active membership.

Namaste, Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald

Peace Factory: The Interfaith Council has agreed to sponsor the Peace Factory Community Forum Open House on March 14, 1998 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM at Boulder Mennonite Church 1520 Euclid Ave. The theme is Causes of Violence and Creative Solutions. The Peace Factory is seeking artists, discussants and participants for this multi-faceted event. For more information, contact Patrick Gillham at 417-0675 or 492-6637.

From the new co-President: My hopes for the Interfaith Council are that we can become more of a living, vibrant service organization, fulfilling the needs of our many different faith communities as they serve our community as a whole. Here are some questions to consider. How can we, as faith communities, respect and appreciate each other more? How can we work together to help alleviate human suffering and alienation in our community? What values do we share that might point to common goals? Is all of humankind really our family, and if so, how do we live in a way that reflects that reality? I hope that you will join us as we strive to put our highest values at the center and circumference of all we do. Steve Rohrbach

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: Who Is My Neighbor? Join missions of women and men in prayer on Friday, March 6, 1998. Beginning with a parade at dawn in Tonga and ending as the sun sets in Hawaii, this day is observed in 170 countries and islands in the largest grassroots, ecumenical, international worship service. This yearís 111th annual World Day of Prayer was written by the Christian women of Madagascar. Experience the Malagasy spirit of neighborliness they call ìFihavananaî in scriptures, prayers, meditations and music. Church Women United sponsor two observances in Boulder: 9:30 AM at Second Baptist Church, 5300 Baseline Road 2:30 PM at Frasier Meadows Manor Chapel, 350 Ponca Place Child care is provided at the morning service. For additional information, call Ginny Wells (494-9677) or Almarine Beu (665-3113).

Interfaith Council Mission Statement: Founded to be a religious presence in our community in addition to individual congregations, the Interfaith Council of Boulder seeks to: Educate - foster interfaith understanding and cooperation Serve - sponsor local community service programs Inform - promote interest in and broaden understanding of religion Heal - provide an atmosphere for consideration and engagement of issues of common interest to the interfaith community.

Community Table: Hot meals are served to seniors, families in need and others on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00 PM at First Christian Church, 950 28th St. For more information, contact Steve Rohrbach at 823-9303.

Next Interfaith Council Meetings: The next meeting of the Interfaith Council will be held on Sunday, February 22, 1998 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Unitarian Universalist Church 5001 Pennsylvania. On the agenda is the question ìCan the Interfaith Council coordinate services for the homeless?î. There will be a presentation by Street Reach followed by a discussion of the Interfaith Councilís role with the homeless. The March council meeting will be held on Sunday, March 29, 1998. The focus of this meeting will be on an historical perspective of the Interfaith Council. If you would like to share some of your experience with the council during its evolution, please contact Steve Rohrbach at 823-9303.


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