MARCH 1997

The Interfaith Council is no one's primary community, nor does it intend to be. It is more like the fragrance carried by the wind over backyard fences of a distant meal celebrated by strangers at some unfamiliar house. The fragrance contains the hint of substance and the warmth of a communal gathering. It is not our gathering, yet in the aroma something inviting and mysterious and deeply human is contained. It is not our meal, but the smell of the meal of others; a foretaste delivered by the wind over perhaps high fences, enough to awaken and call to remembrance our common hunger.
Your community's new or renewed involvement in the Interfaith Council would be most welcome. Happy Easter and Spring and Season of Budding!
Stan Grotegut

MISSION STATEMENT: Founded to be a religious presence in our community beyond individual congregations, the Interfaith Council of Boulder seeks to:
Educate - foster interfaith understanding and communication
Serve - sponsor local community service programs
Inform - promote interest in religion
Heal - provide an atmosphere for prayerful consideration of issues of common interest to the interfaith community

Call: Stan Grotegut - 443-2291, Rev. Kurt Kuhwald, Vice President - 494-0195
Or Rev. Mary Ann Dickenson, Secretary - 447-8615

COMMUNITY EASTER SUNRISE WORSHIP: The annual Easter Sunday sunrise worship sponsored by the Council will be March 30th, 6:00 A.M. at Boulder's Chautauqua Park. Come a little earlier for some silent communion with the sunrise. Pastor Terry Zimmerman, of First Christian Church, and the Rev. Kurt Kuhwald, of the Unitarian Universalist Church, will be the worship leaders. Rabbi Sheldon Moss will bring a greeting from the Jewish community. Stan Grotegut of the Friends Meeting, will be the preacher. The theme will be "Resurrection as History and Metaphor" . Pass the word within your community of faith. This year's offering will be given to Community Table.

THE FIRST SUNDAY DIALOGUE SERIES : The next dialogue will be Sunday, April 6th, 7:00 P. M., at the Friends Meeting House - 1825 Upland Ave, between Broadway and 19th in north Boulder. The topic for discussion this time will be "Resurrection or Reincarnation; Where do we go from here?" A fellowship time will follow. Dialogue not only exposes us to the central understandings of other people, but it has the potential of deepening our grasp and vision of our own.
COMMUNITY TABLE UPDATE: The free hot meal program designed for seniors and families is growing. Since beginning this program in January, meal service has increased from two to five people to our current high of 40. Meals are served by members of various local faith communities, businesses and students every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at First Christian Church of Boulder, 950 28th Street (442-1861). Community Table is jointly sponsored by the Interfaith Council and First Christian Church. For more information call Steve Rohrbach at 823-9303 or to volunteer to serve call David Feasby at 541-9534.

NEXT GENERAL COUNCIL MEETING: Thursday April 24th, 7:00 P. M. at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 3700 Baseline Drive. Our Council reports and business will be kept brief. The program will be Asset Building, The Healthy Communities Initiative . This is a nationwide effort to focus on supporting and affirming our young people. Please especially encourage those involved in the youth ministry of your congregation to join us for this event.

Community Food Share will provide a review of all the food and meal services offered in the Boulder area.
This will take place May 14th, 12:00 - 1:15 P. M. at the Unitarian Church, 5001 Pennsylvania Ave. Bring a brown bag lunch. This is designed to help congregational staff know how to help needy folks who ask for assistance.

JUNE PICNIC PLANS: A picnic to celebrate the ministry of Community Table, and also to enjoy one another and get acquainted is being planned for June. Plans and details will be in the next letter.

EARTH DAY INTERFAITH DIALOGUE: will take place at First Christian Church, 950 28th St., Boulder on Sunday evening, April 20 at 7:00pm. The topic is Spirit and Earth: Finding Common Ground (an interfaith dialogue on religion and the environment) .
Sponsored by Common Spirit, panelists representing Native American, Buddhist, Christian and Jewish traditions will be exploring humanity's role on earth.


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