EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE: The Interfaith Council will hold its annual Easter Sunrise Service on April 12, 6:00 AM at Chatauqua Park. This service celebrates the rebirth and renewal of the Cosmic Christ within us all. In Matthew Foxs book, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, he states that the Cosmic Christ is neither a Christian invention or Christian possession, rather the Cosmic Christ is defined as the pattern that connects all atoms and galaxies of the universe, a pattern of divine love and justice that all creatures and all humans bear within them. Let us join together in community to experience the rekindling of the sacred within us. For information about the service, contact Steve Rohrbach 823-9303, Stan Grotegut 443-2291 or Edina Preucel 666-9415.

A Little Reflection: Often, after decades it happens that a lake formed by damming a river silts up. It becomes shallow and is no longer useful for recreation. Nor can it be a sanctuary for an enormous variety of life, or a means of slowing down destructive currents, or provide a way to capture and convert the extraordinary power of the river into useful electricity. The lake then needs to be drained and dredged and deepened. So too, after decades this silting may happen with the container of our soul, or with the reservoir of Spirit that form our religious communities. Religious institutions are like dams controlling, taming, naming, giving form and function to the great vital waters - the aqua vita - that flow from their primal, mysterious and common source. Like a silted up lake, our hearts, and also our communities of Spirit, need from time to time to be dredged and deepened, so that once again they may creatively hold these vast and flowing waters. Stan Grotegut (While no longer President, I will continue for a while to contribute my little reflection.) National Day of Prayer The Interfaith Council is sponsoring a multi-faith service on Thursday May 7, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the First Christian Church, 950 28th Street in Boulder. We will talk about prayer, experience prayer, make music, and have fellowship. If you would like to participate in the Worship Service, in any of these capacities, please call Marjorie Carroll, 604-9845.

A PRAYER FOR THE DAY Dear God, so far today, Ive done all right. I havent gossiped, and I havent lost my temper. I havent been grumpy, nasty or selfish, and Im really glad of that! But in a few minutes, God, Im going to get out of bed, and from then on, Im probably going to need a lot of help. Thank you! Amen Interfaith Council of Boulder Monthly Meeting - February 22, 1998

In attendance: Steve Rohrbach, Edina Preucel, Stan Grotegut, Marjorie Carroll, John Cross, Marilyn Bland, Florence Gradison, Ginny Wells, Joan Peters, Judy Koenig , Alice Clark from StreetReach, Roweena Johnson, Bob Mann

Presentation: Alice Clark, StreetReach The purpose of this organization is to assist the homeless who are mentally ill but resist treatment. Alice and her partner, Lorna Hutchinson, spend time with homeless, providing some case management - connecting clients with services, assisting with co-pays for dental care and the people's clinic. The program was funded by a HUD grant until this year when they failed to make the cut. Funding from this source is scheduled to end by May, 1998. Efforts are underway to locate new funding sources to continue the program. Alice stated that there are between 300 - 400 homeless in Boulder. Homelessness is often caused by social retardation; people who can't function well in society. When asked what gaps in serving the homeless Alice saw, she replied that there is a need for: Networking with other service agencies, Promotion of Boulder Change (a cash equivalent voucher which is honored at some local merchants) and administration of that program, Fundraising (there is $50,000 annual operating budget for StreetReach) A core of people to develop outreach An infirmary where homeless people can rest when too ill to be on the streets Alice and Lorna are visioning how StreetReach may transform its program to accommodate changes to funding. As a new vision becomes clear, she will communicate with the council to state the needs of the program. Alice can be contacted at 818-5909. Bob Mann from the Boulder Homeless Shelter spoke about the need to marry the needs of the homeless and the agencies which support them with volunteers who can perpetuate the services. He also indicated a need to support StreetReach as a program. He then spoke about the various services available: Homeless shelter - can house 90+ people per night (clients are only allowed 90 nights shelter per season) - evening meal, shower, laundry facility, toiletries, etc. Day Shelter - open from 2-5PM Wed through Monday - showers, snacks and job placement services. Food Programs: St. Tom's - daily give away of sandwiches in the late morning Salvation Army - Lunch program Mondays through Fridays Weekly Sunday noon meal shared by downtown churches Community Table - Evening hot meal program Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (although this program has a focus on families and seniors, not just homeless) Issue: The Salvation Army intends to sell its facility and leave Boulder which would discontinue the noon meal program. This would create a serious gap in feeding the hungry during the day. The council entertained discussion about how to create a noon meal program utilizing volunteers from the various churches (similar to Community Table which has a rotational schedule of church-affiliates that serve meals)

Action: Steve took the action to bring the idea of a noon meal program hosted by the Interfaith Council up with the Community Table Board of Directors and will report back to the council.

Other business: Tour of Churches: The Boulder Historical Society is willing to partner with the Interfaith Council to conduct another tour of churches in the downtown Boulder area. They have an historical home tour scheduled for June, 1998. It would be wise to consider scheduling a collaborative event after June.

This story came off the Internet and, for me, speaks to the need for an Interfaith Council. Without more understanding of other's beliefs, there can be no peace between peoples, and without taking steps to gain an appreciation of another's faith tradition, there can be no understanding. Understanding and appreciation are my personal goals and why I work with the Interfaith Council....Rev. Marjorie Carroll "As you know, weve been working real hard in our town to get prayer back in our schools. Finally, the school board approved a plan of teacher-led prayer with the children participating at their own option. Children not wishing to participate were to be allowed to stand out in the hallway during prayer time. We hoped someone would sue us so we could go all the way to the supreme court and get the old devil inspired ruling reversed. Naturally, we were all excited by the school board action. As you know, our own little son is now in the second grade. Of course, my wife and I explained to him no matter what the other kids did, he was going to stay in the classroom and participate. After the first day of school, I asked him How did the prayer time go? Fine." Did many kids go out into the hallway? Two." Excellent. How did you like your teachers prayer? It was different, Dad. Real different from the way you pray. Oh? Like how? She said, Hail Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners.. The next day I talked with the principal. I politely explained I wasnt prejudiced against Catholics but I would appreciate Billy being transferred to a non-Catholic teacher. The principal said it would be done right away. At supper that evening I asked Billy to say the blessing. He slipped out of his chair, sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, raised his hand palms up in the air and began to hum. Youd better believe I was at the principals office at eight oclock the next morning. Look, I said. I dont really know much about these Transcendental Meditationists, but I would feel a lot more comfortable if you could move Billy to a room where the teacher practices an older, more established religion. That afternoon I met Billy as soon as he walked in the door after school. I dont think youre going to like Mrs. Nakasones prayer, either, Dad. Out with it. She kept calling 0 Great Buddha... The following morning I was waiting for the principal in the school parking lot. Look, I dont want my son praying to the Eternal Spirit of whatever to Buddha. I want him to have a teacher who prays in Jesus name What about Bertha Smith? Excellent. I could hardly wait to hear about Mrs. Smiths prayer. I was standing on the front steps of the school when the final bell rang. Well? I asked Billy as we walked towards the car. It's okay. Okay what? Mrs. Smith asked God to bless us and ended her prayer in Jesus name, Amen, just like you. I breathed a sigh of relief Now were getting some place. She even taught us a verse of scripture about prayer, said Billy. I beamed. Wonderful. What was the verse? Lets see... he mused for a moment. And behold, they began to pray; and they did pray unto Jesus, calling him their Lord and their God. We had reached the car. Fantastic, I said reaching for the door handle. Then paused. I couldnt place the scripture. Billy, did Mrs. Smith say what book that verse was from? Third Nephi, chapter 19, verse 18. Nephi what? Nephi, he said. Its in the Book of Mormon. The school board doesnt meet for a month. Ive given Billy very definite instructions that at prayer time each day hes to go out into the hallway. I plan to be at that board meetin. If they dont do something about this situation, Ill sue. Ill take it all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to. I dont need schools or anybody else teaching my son about religion. We can take care of that ourselves at home and at church, thank you very much." signed, Juan

WHOM DO WE SERVE? I am delighted to be joining the work of the interfaith council. I see the rich potential of this gathering of souls to deeply share our personal spirituality with each other and collectively become instruments of justice and compassion within the community. We are a mighty force of goodness and caring and there are so many who need upliftment and support. I am excited to discover creative ways to serve the needs of Boulder county - through communicating regularly about matters of importance, by building a strong interfaith community enriched by our diverse traditions and experiences and by taking a proactive stance against inequity. I hope that we will be a growing organization that seeks opportunities to become more aware of people's needs and develops effective solutions that make a difference. With many blessings for a fruitful year, Edina Preucel , Secretary


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