U.S. Community Networking Initiative

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Last Updated on 9/30/96 by Madeline Gonzalez

Note: this is a placeholder for an upcoming Community Networking Initiatives Site

On September 23, 1996, I was nominated to lead this effort in the US. I will be creating a project and business plan that reflects what the primary participants listed below feel this organization should be about, and exploring organizational/economic models that would best lend themselves to sustainable, long-term funding for this organization. I will be updating this page on an ongoing basis to reflect progress, and to solicit input from those who wish to become involved.

In parallel, I would like to try to initiate a more truly international discussion, that could lead to the creation of an international association. I will be providing up-to-date information on that effort, on the the International Community Networking Initiatives page.


While many people have been involved in this process, the the primary participants so far have been:


The purpose of the envisioned U.S. Association for Community Networking is to promote and support community networking in the United States, and to participate in the International Association for Community Networking initiative.

Target Audience

While wishing to support community networking in general, we are planning to focus on the following constituencies:


We will be exploring various scenarios for sustainable long-term funding, including some or all of the following:

Services & Products

To serve our target audiences, we are envisioning providing the following kinds of services:

Community Networking Resources

It is hoped that International & National efforts will collaborate to provide the following resources:

Community Networking: A Working Definition

I will be updating this page to reflect progress. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.