The major activities on Pack 167's yearly calendar vary slightly from year to year. We usually have the following pack activities each year. Individual dens also hold their own activities throughout the year. In fact, although the pack has a full slate of full-pack events, the heart of the cubs' experience is in the den activities.

Community Picnic

In early summer, we gather at Kanemoto Park for a family-oriented picnic and to host the Raingutter Regatta.


Pinewood Derby

A national Cub Scout rite of passage, the Pinewood Derby is a fun event for the whole family. Cubs carve small cars from pinewood blocks, dust their nail axles with graphite, and let them rip down the chutes. 

Popcorn Sale

Each fall, the boys of the pack sell popcorn throughout their neighborhoods and Longmont. This fundraiser is the major source of funds for the pack throughout the year.

Blue & Gold Banquet

Held in March, this family gathering celebrates the passage of the older Webelos cubs into Boy Scouts. It's also the time when the younger cubs generally receive their major advancement badges, such as Bear and Wolf badges.