Pack 179 is a Cub Scout pack serving the community of Boulder, Colorado. With approximately 50 boys, we are located primarily in North Boulder, Colorado.

Open to All
Pack 179 is open to all boys between first and fifth grades. Boys may join the pack at any time in their elementary school years, regardless of whether they have belonged to a pack before or not. Pack 179 has no religious affiliation.

Pack meetings are once a month on Thursdays at the Elks Lodge. Dens have meetings 3 - 4 afternoons or evenings a month. Boys do activities toward requirements for achievement awards. Parents participate in planning and running the meetings.


Scouting is fun with a purpose, and the purpose is to raise boys who respect themselves and others, and who have good character.

We're Organized
Cubs are organized into dens according to their grade level.

  • 1st-graders are in Tigers
  • 2nd-graders are in Wolfs
  • 3rd-graders are in Bears
  • 4th- and 5th-graders are in Webelos