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Local Scouting Terms

Here are the definitions of some local Scouting terms we use you won't find in the general glossary at

If we say something mysterious and you do not find it here, send a note to the comment address below.

APO Alpha Phi Omega.  This is a coeducational college fraternity based on the principles of Scouting.  It accepts both men and women.  They sponsor MBU twice per year and provide staff for Klondike.
Arapahoe District The subdivision of LPC that operates the Scouting program in the Boulder area.   They run the local Scout Office and Scout Shop
BDSR Ben Delatour Scout Ranch.  This is LPC's main council camp, and where we usually go for summer camp.  It also is the home of Elkhorn High Adventure Base
Elkhorn A High Adventure Base operated by LPC, located at BDSR.
FOS Friends of Scouting.  This is the major fundraiser for LPC.  We ask families for donations once per year, usually at the January COH.  There are two target goals established for the troop.  If we meet the first, every camper at BDSR and Elkhorn gets a $20.00 discount.  If we meet the second, the troop gets all rank patches and merit badges at no cost for the following year.
Klondike This is a winter Scout skills competition held yearly by the Arapahoe District.  We camp in the winter in the mountains, and it gets cold.  The Scouts have a lot of fun.
Kola Lodge The local chapter of the OA.
LPC Longs Peak Council.  This is the organization that operates the Scouting program in Northeast Colorado, Wyoming and Northwest Nebraska.
MBU Merit Badge University.  This is a program put on by the local chapter of APO.  It is a one-day event held twice per year at the University of Colorado.  They arrange for counselors for several merit badges, some of which we do not cover with our list of troop counselors.  There is always a list of prereqs. If a Scout completes these before MBU, he will complete the badge at MBU.
OA Order of the Arrow.  This is an honor camping society, based on American Indian folklore.  Members are elected by the troop once per year.  After election, candidates must undergo an ordeal to become members.
Prereq A requirement for a badge which must be completed before an event like MBU or BDSR if the badge is to be completed at the event.
Scout Office The local branch office of the Arapahoe District.  They handle paperwork, answer questions and run a Scout Shop where we can buy supplies, publications and equipment.  It is located at 5495 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder (Northwest corner of Arapahoe & 55th.  Park in the lot at the back of the L-shaped building.  Enter at the inside corner of the L, go upstairs and turn left.)  The phone number is 303-447-8511.

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