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Scouting Resources on the Internet

There is a rich variety of scouting resources on the Internet. You can find information on the BSA program, as well as skills-related topics, equipment, advice and fellowship. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, just some pointers to sites I have found to be valuable.

If I have not provided a pointer to something you need, learn to use the search capabilities of the World Wide Web. If you find something useful, please let me know about it, so I can add it to the next edition of this list. You can contact me at:

Jim McMaster
Home: 303-530-1655
Work: 303-673-7419

Email Lists

There are several scouting email lists, which feature advice, discussions and answers from other scouters.


The biggest (and in my opinion, the best) is SCOUTS-L. This features hundreds of members all over the world, and bills itself as the Round Table that never ends. Ask a question, and you are almost guaranteed to get an answer quickly. You also can get information on upcoming changes quickly, and usually accurately. If you subscribe, you will get approximately 50 messages per day. To sign up, send mail to with a single line consisting of subscribe scouts-l your-first-name your-last-name.

Other Lists

World Wide Web

The WWW is fast becoming the dominant information medium of the age. This is no less true in Scouting than in any other area of life. Here is a very small selection of scouting-related URLs. Use them and look for others. Return to our Home Page

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