USA Venture Crew 1608

19th World Jamboree

Santiago, Chile
26 December 1998 - 10 January 1999

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What is a World Jamboree?
The World Jamboree is a place where about thirty-thousand scouts, male and female, come together from around one hundred and fifty countries around the world. It is packed full of adventure for most any person.

From computers to shotgun shooting, the world jamboree has it. It is kind of like the best summer camp that a person could ever imagine, but with the entire world in attendance and in a foreign country. Most anything a person would want to do will be provided. In addition to the camp type activities, there are exhibitions like none other. At the '95 world jamboree, I saw the most extensive fireworks show I have ever seen, lasting about an hour. Also, there are lots of activities that require grouping together with people from other countries so as to get to know about them and their country. All in all it will provide you with memories for life that you will look back on with your kids and grandkids.

-George Denise

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