We are now at 19 members in our Post and still climbing. We gained eight new members and lost one for an increase of seven during March. However, we still have a lot of recruiting to do. Thanks to all of you who are out there getting new members. Colorado still leads with six members being from that state. California is next with five members. We even have one member from Ohio.

I have received notification from Western Region BSA that units from the Northeast and Central Regions may be going on the same post-Jamboree tour as Western Region units. If that turns out to be the case, there will be a maximum number allowed to go on the tour. My records show that the following are not planning to go on the tour: Brad Dibble, John Meer, and Janice Sheets. I have no information on the desires of Tyle Fernandez or Claran Loomis. If any of you plan to take the tour, let Western Region know ASAP. As you recruit new people have them write VILLARICA TOUR on the top of the application, if they plan to take the tour.

As of yet, the travel plans have not been finalized. In addition to the uncertainty I mentioned above, I do not know our departure time or departure city. Standby for breaking news. Breaking news just came in. It looks like we will be leaving from Los Angeles.

Since we will be flying to Chile economy class or by charter air service there will be strict limitations as to how much baggage we can take. As part of our jamboree fee we will be provided two bags. One of the bags will be placed in the baggage compartment and the other will be for carry-on to be stowed under our seats or in the overhead bin compartment. I am told that I will have these bags to distribute at the pre-Jamboree outing. If the provided bags are the same size as those in 95, you will have plenty of space. Remember to save some space to bring back souvenirs.

We are cautioned about what we can pack in our baggage. Hazardous materials such as the following must not be packed in any baggage: matches or lighters of any kind; flammable liquids or gasses; signal flares or explosive devices; bleaches, chlorine, mercury solvents, aerosols, acid, or oil-based paints; chemicals that can cause toxic fumes or corrosion; gunpowder, ammunition, shells, or any fireworks.

The Jamboree payment schedule has now been extended. The fourth payment

has slipped from 31 Jan to 30 Apr. The fifth payment has slipped from 31 Mar to 30 June. The sixth payment has slipped from 31 May to 31 Aug. These extra 90 days may help you in your recruiting efforts since there will be a longer period in which to earn the Jamboree fee.

It is now official. We will be able to have our own customized shoulder patch. If you have any ideas, send me a color copy. The patch should be the same shape as the council strip that is worn on the left shoulder of your uniform. It should reflect something that is unique to our region and must have the fleur-de-lis on it. If I get several designs, we will select the one we want at the pre-Jamboree outing.

Are there any aspiring journalists out there? If so, you can write and send articles home while at the Jamboree. You will need a letter of commitment from some media outlet (newspaper, television, or Radio) in your hometown. We will register you with the Jamboree and you will be able to write and send articles during normal activity while at the Jamboree. Equipment to transmit articles and professional advice will be available at the Jamboree. There is no limit to the number of Explorers who can do this.

There has been a change in the period during which you are to have a physical for the Jamboree. You must have a complete physical anytime after 1 January 1998 but prior to 1 December 1998. I plan to collect the physical forms at our pre-Jamboree outing.

This leads me to our next subject, the pre-Jamboree outing. It will be held in the Boulder, Colorado area in late August or early September. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU START BACK TO SCHOOL THIS FALL. I need to know this information so that I can pick a firm date. (Since you are sending this information, you could also include the information I asked for in earlier memos.) Transportation to and from the pre-Jamboree site is the responsibility of each individual. Expenses at the site are included in our jamboree fees. I will send out more information, as it becomes available.

There are several web sites that contain Jamboree information. The BSA Homepage http://www.bsa.scouting.org has established a World Jamboree link to provide the latest information. The Chileans also maintain a site, http:///www.scout.cl/wj99 that includes their World Jamboree Bulletins. There are also two sites that provide information on Chile itself, http://www.prochile.cl and http://www.chileonline.com.

The Jamboree will be granting internal access only to members of the Scouting movement and a limited number of entry passes will be available in advance. Scout visitors will have to prove their affiliation to the Scouting movement by presenting credentials from the National BSA office. I don't know any more about this subject but, I recommend if you plan to have friends or family visit the Jamboree that you contact your local BSA Council to find out how to obtain these credentials.

Meet your Advisors: Kathy Denise is the Second Assistant Advisor of our Post. She is extremely active in Scouting at many levels. She is the Advisor for Post 325 and Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 325, both in Santa Clara County California. She is the Activities Chairman for her District and the Assistant Coordinator for the International Rendezvous sponsored by her Council. The Rendezvous is similar to a World Jamboree, but on a smaller scale. She has been awarded the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver. She has three sons, one of which, George is a member of our Post. In her other life, outside of Scouting she is a high school Spanish teacher. (This will ensure that people understand us when we go to get our food at the Jamboree.)

Meet the Post Members:

Jenny McDonald is a sophomore at Notre Dame High School in Santa Clara County, California and is a member of Post 325. She has been to Philmont TEN times and is going again twice this summer. (She will continue going until she learns how to hike.) She has also been to Sea Base twice. She has been a member of her Council's day camp staff and staffed at the 97 National Jamboree. Outside of Exploring she is active in volleyball, singing (three choirs), musicals, kayaking, river rafting, snorkeling, and is involved in her school's ASB.

Rikki George is the youngest of the George Clan who will be in our Post. She has canoed in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and twice hiked in the Gila Wilderness. She is active in volleyball, track, managing football, and singing in the region choir. She was in Girl Scouts but moved to an Explorer Post when she became old enough. She has traveled throughout the West and is now looking forward to Chile.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks. I'm out of Explorer's biographies and may have to make up information if I don't get some information from you.

Yours in Exploring

Dick Tennent