Barbara Kiel

I am an Assistant Advisor for our High Adventure Venturing Crew here in New Jersey. I enjoy hiking, some camping, canoeing, and snow skiing. I must admit that backpacking and wilderness camping are not for me. I also like living outside of New York City and all it has to offer. I am looking forward to the trip to Chile as I have never been to a Jamboree, World or otherwise. I was a Girl Scout until the 7th grade; we hiked and did some camping, but nothing like this! It seems like our family spends a lot of time Scouting and Venturing, so when this trip came along I wasn't about to be left out. Professional I am a Special Education teacher, and recently I have returned to school to get my Master's. It is strange being on the other side of the desk after all these years. I am also involved with the local High School and it's community service projects. Aside from all of this I am Bryan and Lauren's mom, a wife, a daughter and "domestic goddess" as someone once called it! I look forward to meeting you all in Chile and enjoying new friends and new experiences.