Daniel Pankosky

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel or Dan, but not Danny. I have been in scouting for ten years. This will be my second world jambo and I have been to a National Jamboree. I have been to Philmont three times. Once for the OA Trail Crew, then the week after that I went back on a regular trek and then the year after I went there for the NJLIC training. I am very active in the Order of the Arrow and am the Vice-Chief for my lodge (427 Achewon Netopalis). I am a senior in high school and I drive an "I used you Pooper" (Isuzu Trooper). I play golf and basketball in my spear time. I listen to almost every type of music except hard core rap and real country western. I usually do everything at least once. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone I haven't met already and to those I have met, I miss all of you. "Think Different & Never Stop Exploring". Your friend in Venturing,…….Daniel.