The National Boy Scout Office has decided that the Western Region Explorer Post will combine with the Northeast Region Post. This is due to the recruiting results in both regions. We have 20 Explorers and there are 14 in the Northeast. There will be 3 Advisors from the West and 2 from the Northeast. We will continue recruiting, but I am not certain where the Explorers would be assigned. I believe that any Western Explorers would be assigned to our Post. Troops are also being combined so we may gain some older Boy Scouts.

The Pre-jamboree outing will be 23-26 August in the Denver area. This date was picked since it is as late as possible for us to get together prior to leaving for Chile. Many of you will be in college, which means that we should meet before September. I earlier asked for inputs, but receiving only one, I selected this date. Although I included most of the following information in our last memo, I want to repeat it. It is extremely important that you attend this outing. We will have only this one outing and there are many items that we have to discuss. There are several subjects that the adult leaders are required to present to Explorers. There are decisions that Explorers should make regarding patches, pins, etc.; gateway; gifts and handouts; but most importantly meet the other Explorers going to Chile.

It is my intention to have the Explorers and not the Advisors elect Post Officers. It will therefore be very difficult to be elected without being at the outing since you will be an unknown quantity. To be as fair as possible to those Explorers from the Northeast Region, we will not elect Post Officers until we get to the Jamboree and all members of the combined Post can meet. There will be four crews (patrols) in the Post, each having members from both the NE and West Regions.

We will be provided with duffel bags for our trip, but they will not be issued until approximately 1 September. They will be sent to me and I will have our Post number stenciled on them. I will then mail them to you. I hope by then that we have decided what personal items such as patches, pins and T-shirts we want and I will mail them in the same package.

You should be receiving an order blank from National BSA in the next few weeks. It is to be used to purchase BSA souvenirs. I recommend that you order as soon as you get the order blank since many of the item sellout quickly and BSA does not normally reorder items.

You may or may not be aware that BSA is reorganizing its Exploring program effective 1 August 98. Some of the existing Posts remain in the Exploring program and some are placed in the Venture Program. This should have no effect on our Jamboree Post. We will continue on as before and organize as I mentioned above.

Meet the Explorers Graham Wagener is a member of High Adventure Explorer Post 72 (Advisor is Mr. Amick), Sea Explorer Ship 72, and Troop 72 where he is a Life Scout. He is the ASPL of his Troop, Vice President of his Post, and Boatswain Mate of his Ship. He will be a Sophomore in high school where he is involved in the theatre lights crew and plays the mellophone in the marching band. This summer he will be a Counselor in Training at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch. He was a member of a Scout Troop in New Zealand while his parents were living there. In New Zealand he did the famous 4-day Milford Trek. He has completed a 60 hour First Responder class and participated in a District Explorer Mock Disaster as a medic.

Duncan Autrey is an Eagle Scout and is returning to the World Jamboree. He was a member of the Western Region Explorer Post in 95 where he was voted the Explorer with the most unique hairstyle. He attends college in Lugano, Switzerland where he is studying International Relations and foreign languages. He speaks Spanish, Italian, and German. He is very interested in traveling and outdoor activities, e.g., rock climbing, skiing, and snow boarding.

Jacqueline Autrey having listened to her brother talk of the good times at the World Jamboree is going to see for herself. She will be a sophomore in highschool. She loves animals and pets of various kinds overrun her house. She spends as much time as possible camping and in the outdoors. She is an avid rider and is involved in both English and Western riding.

I have used all of the letters that I have received from you. I would like to hear from the eight of you that have not submitted am short biography. As you have undoubtedly noted, there is no set format. Tell me what you want other people to know about yourself.

The next memo will be in late July or early August since I will be traveling. Send me your ideas on the subjects that I've mentioned in earlier memos.

Yours in Exploring,

Dick Tennent