There are now members in our Post. There were two increases and one loss since the last memo. As you can see, we still have a lot of recruiting to do. Thanks to all of you who are out getting new members. I had a booth at a local Scout Festival this past weekend and got a couple of nibbles, but no catches.

As I mentioned last month units from the Northeast and Central Regions will be going on the same post-Jamboree tour as Western Region units. As a result there are no more openings for the tour. People desiring to go on the tour will be placed on a waiting list and added to the tour as openings become available. The only positive thing that can be said about this development is that the price for the Jamboree is now $3655.

I have received personal information on many of you, but not all. I am including all information that I have in this memo. I would like to hear from all of you so I can get your bios in future memos. That way, when we get together at our pre-jambo outing, we won't be complete strangers.

Several of you have stated that you have ideas for patches, but I have received nothing from you. If possible, I will send out designs so you can make your selection. If time is available, I will get the patches made for distribution at our pre-jambo outing. Send me a color copy of your design, if you have one. I need ASAP. I should be able to get a total of 1000 patches at less than $1.00 each.

We will hold our pre-jamboree outing during the period 23-26 August in the Denver area. Make your plans now to attend. It is extremely important that you attend this outing as it will be the only time we get together prior to our departure in December. We will be organizing the Post, electing youth leaders, and going through the required training. The primary purpose will be for us to meet each other. We will work out arrangements to meet people at the airport. More on the schedule will be distributed in later memos.

We will elect leaders at our outing. To let you see how various people will handle the various leadership positions, the adult leaders will assign Explorers to the different jobs for one-day tryout periods. If you are interested in being a Post leader, let me know what job you are interested in holding. Here is a list of the Post Officers and a very brief run down of the responsibilities for each.

Post President : Leads post officers' briefings, serves as the top youth leader of the post, maintains information on whereabouts of post members, works directly with Advisors in administering post operations, is responsible for appearance of Explorers with regards to cleanliness and proper uniform, maintains schedule of all Jamboree activities, organizes all formations of the post, makes bed check at taps and reports results to Advisor, AND ANY OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED BY THE ADVISOR.

Vice President : Acts in absence of the post president and assists as directed, works with Assistant Advisors in administering post activities and participation in camp and sub-camp activities, AND ANY OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED BY THE POST PRESIDENT.

Quartermaster : Is responsible for post equipment and supplies (food), works with Assistant Advisor in controlling the storage and issuance of equipment and supplies belonging to the post or issued to it at the jamboree, ensuring all personal baggage is loaded as required when we travel, maintaining an inventory of all equipment and supplies, and returning of equipment issued to the post, AND ANY OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED BY THE POST PRESIDENT. This is an extremely important job.

Secretary/Historian : Is the custodian of all post records, assists Advisors in handling registration at the jamboree, keeps a scrapbook of items about post's activities, collects photographs from members to create a history for the post, AND ANY OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED BY THE POST PRESIDENT.

The uniform for Explorers will be the green shirt with green shoulder tabs, and regular Scout shorts. We will not wear the regular Scout shirt with green shoulder tabs. During the day we will normally wear T-shirts, either one we design or the official jamboree version. Regardless of which one we use, we will have to purchase them. I recommend we go with our own design, on a dark shirt that will not easily show dirt.

Meet the Post Members:

Evan Schneider has been in Scouting for 11 years and is an Eagle Scout. He is Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 82 in Fort Collins, CO, a member of High Adventure Post 72 in Boulder, CO, and active in OA. He attended the 93 National Jamboree, the 95 World Jamboree, and staffed the COPE course at the 97 National Jamboree. He has also taken two treks at Philmont. Outside of Scouting he is a junior at Colorado State University where he is studying English and history. He plans to become a high school teacher and later a college professor. He works at the CSU library and helps teach summer school at the elementary school level. Tyle Fernandez is a true international Scout. He was a member of the first Tiger Cub Den in Berlin and became a member of the OA and an Eagle Scout in Misawa, Japan. He is originally from San Francisco, but has lived overseas his entire live as his parents are teachers at US military bases. He is a student at Ohio University studying interactive multimedia and photojournalism. (He has already indicated that he wants to be a hometown reporter at the Jamboree.) He is an Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 357 and a member of High Adventure Post 357, both in Athens, Ohio. He has climbed Mt Fuji twice and went on a - day Rayado trek at Philmont. He was in Bob Amick's Troop at the 95 World Jamboree. He staffed the OA's Odyssey of the Law show at the 97 National Jamboree and will also perform at NOAC in Des Moines this summer.

Ben Cook is a member of Troop 264 in San Jose, CA where he is finishing work on his Eagle project. He is a member of FOUR Explorer Post; President of High Adventure Post 264, Vice President of High Adventure Post 325, Fire Department Explorer Post 888, and Police/Community Work Explorer Post 902. He has completed a 50 miler afloat and another afoot in the Mt Lassen National Park. This summer he will hike at Philmont, attend the National Explorer Leader Conference, and attend a Council Explorer Camp. He is completing his senior year in high school while at the same time taking classes at his local junior college.

David Sare is an Eagle Scout and has earned five palms. He attended the National Jamborees in 93 and 97. He is a staff member for Junior Leader Training in his local District. He has kayaked down the Salmon River (and lived), taken hike/horseback treks in the Salmon National Forest, and hiked many times in Targhee and Yellowstone Parks. He will be a senior in high school where he is active in wrestling, cross country, and track, and is also a member of the marching band.

John Hammons is an Eagle Scout and has earned three palms. He is a member of Troop 303 and Technology and Manufacturing Explorer Post 11. He attended the World Jamboree in 95 and the National Jamboree in 97. He has canoed in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and hiked the Silver Mocassin Trail. He was a host-brother to a young man from Santiago and hopes to see him while we are at the World Jamboree. He will be a freshman in college this fall, but is already taking electronics and engineering courses at Glendale Community College. He has traveled extensively in Europe and North America and is now looking forward to Chile.

Several of you have mentioned that you will hiking at Philmont this summer. I will be there with my Post 26 June-9 July and am taking trek 18. Let me know what trek you will be on and if possible we will try to meet at Philmont.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks. I'm out of Explorer's biographies and may have to make up information if I don't get some information from you.

Yours in Exploring

Dick Tennent