Welcome to all members of Venturer Crew 1608. Since we are all now members of one Crew, I am sending out this memo. It will include some items that are of interest only to Venturers from the West. I have tried to indicate such items. Venturers in the NE will also receive information from Steve Kiel that is pertinent to them only. If you desire you may review all memos that I have distributed by looking on our Crew website. It is not necessary, but you are welcome to do so. Two months until we depart for Chile. However, there are many things that we still have to do. You should all have received the National BSA Jamboree Bulletins, but I want to iterate some items that were in Bulletin no. 7.

There are NO special vaccination requirements for the Jamboree in Chile. This information was received from the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention in Atlanta. You may validate this information for yourself on the World Wide Web home page for the CDC at Click on "Travelers' Health". This contains The Yellow Book, providing information for international travel.

We have been assigned to Village B, Subcamp Siboneyes, and unit 1608. We are a combined Venturer Crew, composed of members from the Northeast Region and Western Region. We are one Crew, not a sub-crew from the Western Region and another from the Northeastern Region. Crew 1608 is the only USA unit in our Subcamp and one of ten USA units in Village B (There are eight Subcamps in Village B.). You are integrated into four patrols, composed of members from the Atlantic to the Pacific. You are truly a United States Venturer Crew. Upon arrival in Chile and once our campsite is organized you will elect your Crew and Patrol Officers. I have included as an attachment the Patrol organization with as much information as I have on each person. I would strongly recommend that each of you contact the members of your patrol and introduce yourself.

I have been trying to find out who the Siboneyes were. They were Indians that originally lived in Florida but moved to Cuba and Haiti where they were very powerful prior to the arrival of Europeans. Whether European settlers annihilated them, I do not know. Siboneye means 'rock' in their language. See what else you can find out about the tribe.

Here is the information I have on the travel plans of the Venturers from Western Region. (Steve Kiel has info on youth from NE since we will not be traveling together to Chile.) It is based on what you told the other Advisors or me. If this is not correct, inform me at once. This is especially important as it relates to whether you or BSA will purchase tickets between your home and our departure point. I have no further info on flights other than what was in the September Memo. Although our official departure point is LAX, some of you have expressed a desire to meet the crew in either DFW or Houston (This depends on which tour you plan to take. Refer to the September Memo.). I recommend that you arrive at LAX, DFW, or Houston four hours prior to your planes scheduled departure time. In the case of those taking the ATA charter from Houston on 26 Dec, I would plan to arrive four hours prior to the scheduled arrival time of Continental flt 1188 from LAX. I recommend that you make your return reservations no earlier than the BSA scheduled flights from Houston (Continental # 1197 at 9:55 AM, 8, January) or DFW (American #964 at 9:13, 10, January). Once your travel plans are finalized, I need to know what they are. The information will be passed to Western Region to ensure that people are met at LAX. Please complete the attached Travel Advisory and return the original to Don Chilcote with a copy to me.

(Table was here, but I'm not even going to try to make it work from text!)

Do you want to purchase the heavier duty slightly larger bag and backpack that were shown at the Western pre-jambo outing? If you do please let Bob Amick know by 15 November. The cost will be $39 for the two bags. Make checks payable to Sportswave, Inc. and send directly to Bob Amick, PO Box 2294, Boulder, CO 80306. I have the bags provided by BSA for Western youth that you have already purchased. If you are getting the special bags through Bob, I will not spend the money to have our unit number stenciled on the BSA provided bags. I will just send them to you unstenciled. The decision as to which bags to get is yours to make. I personally had no problems with the bags provided by BSA in 1995 and that is the same bag we are taking this time. Bags for NE youth have already been distributed.

You should have either a red Scout jacket or the special red, white, and blue World Jamboree jacket. I also recommend that you take, if you have one, the red Scout wool shirt. It is not required, but it could be cool in the evening. I would like to put to rest the question regarding our Class A uniform at the Jamboree. Some time in the future, probably not before we leave for Chile, BSA is going to have some kind of gray cargo shorts for the Venturer uniform. Until that time arrives, the BSA khaki shorts are perfectly acceptable and approved by BSA. Rather than have people wear various types of gray cargo shorts of their own selection and different shades of gray, it is best to have one uniform. This will also be cheaper for you since most of you already have the khaki shorts. We discussed uniforms at the West pre-jambo outing and only one item has changed. (See following paragraphs.) The class A uniform for Venturers will be the green uniform shirt and khaki BSA shorts.

The unit T-shirt will cost approximately $9.00. The T-shirt designed at the Western pre-jambo outing is being revised to reflect the fact that we are from throughout the United States, not just the West. You will not be required to purchase this T-shirts. IT WILL NOT BE A REQUIRED UNIFORM AT THE JAMBOREE. They are however good for trading with youth from other units. Kathy Denise will be sending out information regarding the revised T-shirt. Upon receipt of the information, submit your order to her. She will be ordering as soon as she gets your inputs and will send T-shirts to us.

In order to keep expenses done the Advisors decided to delete the requirement that the unit T-shirt be a required item. Instead youth will be allowed to wear any Scout/Explorer/Venturer T-shirt with regular Scout shorts, when such a uniform is appropriate. Most of you probably have a closet full of this type of T-shirt.

Remember that you should also have at least two of the USA contingent T-shirts since they will be one of our uniforms at the Jamboree.

Unit patches will cost $1.20 each and the pins $.85. Again, this is what was designed at the West pre-jambo outings and incorporates recommendations from the NE pre-jambo outing. The patch will have 10 colors and the pin 7. These prices are based on ordering 2000 patches and 1000 pins. If we do not get orders for that many, the prices will be higher. Order your patches from Bob Amick and the pins from Dick Tennent. Please inform them how many you want and send the money for that amount. The sooner we get funds, the sooner these items will be ordered. You will need a patch for each of your green shirts, but remember both of these items are great for either trading or as gifts.

We are also ordering unit numerals patches for our uniforms at $1.00. These patches are larger than normal numeral patches and will have XIX WORLD JAMBOREE BSA embroidered across the bottom. You will need one for each of your green shirts, but again these can be trading/gift items. Order numerals from Bob Amick.

Friendship cards will be printed (business card style) for each participant and will include your photo, name, phone number, address, and e-mail address. In order to do this you need to send Bob Amick a photo of yourself in Venturer uniform, head and shoulder style pose, in either black and white, or color. This is needed by 15 November.

Theft is always a problem when traveling. A neckwallet is highly recommended to ensure the safety of money, credit cards, traveler's checks, id card, etc. Neckwallets are flat nylon wallets with a lanyard that allows you to wear them around your neck under a shirt, where they will be inaccessible to thieves. They can be purchased at travel store, outdoor stores, or if you have a problem finding one contact Bob Amick.

Refer to the previously received health and safety list for tips on how to stay well and avoid illness and injury while enroute to, during, and after the jamboree. It is very important to take steps now which will keep you in the best of shape during our "once-in-a-lifetime" experience. Be sure to take extra medication with you and be sure it has your name on it to avoid problems with Chilean customs officials. Bring a copy of your prescription. Take extra eyeglasses or contacts, and have a copy of your prescription for emergency replacement. Be sure to take UVA/UVB rated sunglasses of clip-ons. It has been proposed that each youth bring their state flag (3' x 5' or 4' x 6') plus a flagstaff. The flags will be put outside of your tents and will reflect our various home states.

WESTERN YOUTH ONLY Please send me the Power of Attorney. If you did not get one from me, let me know so I can send one. Also send Kathy Denise your passport number and a copy, and a copy of your physical record (You keep the original.) to Bob Amick. I'm trying to get as much admin work as possible done now so that we aren't rushed as we load out to go to Chile. It will be hectic enough without trying to collect a bunch of paper, especially since we will not travel to Chile together.

Crew 1608 has a website: (incorrct). Ben Cook is the webmaster. If you have any items you wish to place on our website, you can send them to Ben or use the e-mail list server:

Review all of the past memos that you have received from either National BSA or me. There contain a lot of information. If you have any questions regarding anything; uniforms, travel, patches, bags, or whatever, give any of the Advisors a call. Now is the time to get all questions answered. Here is a partial list of items that you should take care of in the near future.

1. Contact members in your patrol.
2. Submit Travel Advisory to Don Chilcote, Western Region with copy to Dick Tennent. (Western youth only)
3. Inform Bob Amick if you desire special jamboree bags.
4. Order Crew 1608 T-shirts from Kathy Denise.
5. Order at least two USA contingent T-shirts.
6. Order unit patches from Bob Amick.
7. Order unit pins from Dick Tennent.
8. Order unit numeral patches from Bob Amick.
9. Send Power of Attorney to Dick Tennent.(Western youth only)
10. Send copy of passport and passport number to Kathy Denise.(Western youth only)
11.Send copy of physical to Bob Amick. (Western youth only)
12. Submit photo for friendship cards to Bob Amick.
13. Send biographical information to Ben Cook (e-mail; for incorporation into Crew 1608 website.

Yours in Venturing,

Dick Tennent


Submit to: Don Chilcote
Western Region World Jamboree
P.O. Box 22019
Tempe, AZ 85285-2019

Copy to: Dick Tennent
3732 Trout Brook
Bremerton, WA 98311

Name: _________________________________________WJ Unit: ________

Address: _____________________________________

City: _____________________State: _____Zip: _______

Home Phone: (____)____________Business: (_____)______________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Outbound Flight: From your home to _______________

Date:________Departure City:______________Airline/Flight#:______________

Departure Time:___________Arrival Time:__________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----------------------------------- Return Flight: From__________to your home

Date:________Departure City:______________Airline/Flight = #:______________

Departure Time:___________Arrival Time:___________________

If you are going to be arriving on a date other than 26 December, please = indicate where you will be staying, a phone number where you can be = contacted, and how you will be traveling to the airport.

Location where you will be staying: ____________________________________

Phone number where you can be reached: _________________