We are now official. We are Crew 1608 and will represent the Western Region Venturers at the XIXth World Jamboree. Those of you that are finishing up the designs of our Crew paraphernalia can now incorporate the unit numbers and send copies to those that will be getting price quotes.

The primary purpose of this memo is to bring everybody up to date as to what transpired at our pre-jamboree outing in Colorado. Although the turnout was not as large as we expected, those of us that were there accomplished a great deal. We designed crew paraphernalia (T-shirt, patch, pin, and gate), discussed organizing the crew and patrols to incorporate youth from both Western and NE regions, disseminated some required information, and just got to know a bit more about each other.

The unit T-shirt will have a small design over the left breast and a larger design on the back. The color of the T-shirt will be gray. Although many people had an input to the final designs, Jennifer McDonald was the primary designer of the front and George Denise the back. We are in the process of getting quotes from various sources and will inform everybody what the final cost will be. You will be required to purchase at least two since one of our uniforms at the jamboree will be unit T-shirt and Scout pants. You can purchase as many as you desire since they make good trading items. We will take orders prior to making the final purchase.

While at the Jamboree, traveling to and from, and on tour we will wear a uniform. The uniform will be either regular Venturer shirt, USA contingent T-shirt, or our unit T-shirt. Regardless of the shirt we will wear our regular Scout shorts. You should also have a set of old cloths to wear if you go through an obstacle course at the Jamboree and a set of work cloths for the day that we will work in the community. While we are flying to and from you might want to have a warm jacket and long pants since the plane could be cool. However with the exception of running an obstacle course, working in the community or while flying we will be in a uniform.

The unit patch (Council shoulder strip) is larger than a normal council strip, measuring 5" from point to point and 3" in height. The primary designer of the patch was David Sare, again with help from all. The pin will be an 1 1/4" version of the patch. We are also getting quotes on both of these items. You will be required to have our unit patch on each of your green Explorer/Venturer shirts. Aside from this requirement, you will need to purchase either of these item, but both the patch and pin will be hot trading items or gifts. Several people at our outing stated they wish to purchase 50-100 patches and about half that many pins. Again, we will take orders prior to placing our final order.

We discussed gifts. If you can obtain any small patches or pins from your state or area, get them. I have been given a box of Western Region patches, which you can also use. I personally plan to take cord to be used for making turks heads to give to youth when we are out in the community, not necessarily for gifts to other jamboree participants. Remember that there is a difference between a gift and a trading item. A gift is given with no anticipation of receiving something in return. If you do, that is an added bonus.

The gate will be a representation of a covered wagon. I am guilty of coming up with this design. It will be constructed of fiberglass tent poles and a heavy white, yet thin plastic material used as insulation in houses. It can be broken down and carried in our bags. I will make the basic "covered wagon", but may have more artistic youth color it at the jamboree. I have already set up the framework and am working out the kinks. Once I see that the framework is sturdy, I will get the covering and determine how to attach it to the frame.

The decision made by the youth at the outing was that the four patrols be composed of youth from both regions and that the youth from the Western region be assigned to patrols by the Advisors. That was done prior to our departing from the outing. The following criteria were used: (1) Patrols would have people of all ages. (2) Siblings would be placed in different patrols. (3) Since there are six females in our crew (from West) they would be assigned to three patrols (two in each). The NE also has six females and it is planned that they be assigned to three patrols (two in each). This will result in two patrols with four females and two with two females. I hope this makes sense. The patrol assignments for Western Region Venturers are as follows.

Patrol 1 Patrol 2 Patrol 3 Patrol 4 Lasiter, Jason Schneider, Evan Autrey, Duncan Sheets, Janice Denise, George Fernandez, Tyle Hammons, John George, Monica Sare, David Cabral, James Dible, Brad Cook, Ben Hermance, Jenny Autrey, Jacqueline Gabriel, Brice Meer, John George, Rikki McDonald, Jennifer George, Chris Curlee, Dana Wagner, Graham

I recommend that you contact the people in your patrol and introduce yourself since many of you were not at the outing. The entire Crew, both West and NE will elect Crew officers the evening that we arrive at the jamboree site. As soon as that is completed, each patrol will elect its officers. That is another reason for you to correspond with each other, especially if you are interested in becoming a Crew or Patrol officer.

The Advisors selected TEMPORARY Crew officers to assist them on the trip to the jamboree. This selection does not mean that these individuals will be the final elected officers for the Crew. As mentioned above, you will elect your Crew officers. These temporary officers are: Crew Chief, George Denise: Assistant Crew Chief, David Sare; Quartermaster, Brad Dible.

The question of how much money to take to the jamboree was discussed. There is no set amount. It was recommended that you take your money in the form of travelers' checks, an ATM card, or better yet use a credit card. If you use a credit card, you are assured of getting the best exchange rate between pesos and dollars. Whatever you do, don't convert all your money to pesos in the USA since banks will give you a very poor exchange rate. According to the Wall St Journal, the exchange rate is now approximately 474 pesos = $1. This is a slight increase from the start of the year.

One other item that was discussed at our outing as being a possible purchase was a replacement bag for the one that is being provided by BSA, i.e., you have already purchased it. It will not be mandatory that you purchase these bags. You should have received an e-mail from Bob Amick stating that the cost for the bags will be $39. If you desire these bags contact him. I do not want to see somebody purchase something that is already provide, unless you want to do so. I have received the bags provided by BSA and they are the same bags that we took to the Netherlands, but with a different patch.

There is one other expense that is not covered by our jamboree fees. That is the costs for shipping bags, T-shirts, patches, and pins to you. Once we determine the total costs, you will be informed.

I distributed a "Limited Power of Attorney" to those at the outing. If you were not there you will get one in the mail. The purpose of this document is to allow the Crew Advisors to legally get medical attention for you if it is required. Once the document is completed please return it to me.

There was a discussion of a "Code of Conduct" while at the Jamboree. Both you and your parents signed a "Statement of Understanding" regarding the "Code of Conduct" when you applied for the Jamboree, I strongly recommend that you re-read that statement so that there are no future misunderstandings. I promulgated one additional requirement. Males and females will not be in a tent together for any reason.

Prior to our departure, I will need the following information from you. a. Send me your passport number, not your passport. b. Let me know when you have completed your physical. You must use the Jamboree physical form. If you do not have one, let me know. c. Let me know if you are a swimmer or non-swimmer. d. Send me the signed "Limited Power of Attorney". If you do not have a passport or the completed jamboree physical form, you will not be able to go to Chile.

I have just received the information regarding our itinerary. We will be traveling on two different flight, depending upon which tour you will be taking after the jamboree. Santiago One Day Tour Outbound 26 December Depart LAX, Continental #1188 12:30 PM Arrive Houston 5:46 PM Depart Houston, ATA Charter ??? 27 December Arrive Santiago ???

Return 7 January Depart Santiago, ATA Charter ??? Arrive Houston ??? 8 January Depart Houston, Continental #1197 9:55 AM Arrive LAX 11:24 AM

Villarica Three Day Tour Outbound 26 December Depart LAX, American #748 1:32 PM Arrive DFW 6:45 PM Depart DFW, American #945 8:25 PM 27 December Arrive Santiago 9:14 AM 6 January Depart Santiago, Lan Chile Charter ??? Arrive Temuco ???

Return 9 January Depart Temuco, Lan Chile Charter ??? Arrive Santiago ??? 10 January Depart Santiago, American #946 12:40 AM Arrive DFW 7:42 AM Depart DFW, American #964 9:13 AM Arrive LAX 10:41 AM

Arrangements are being made to have us met at LAX by Los Angeles Scouters prior to our departure. I will be asking for your travel plans to and from LAX to ensure that there will be somebody to meet you. Although my plans are not finalized, I plan to be at LAX early on 26 December. Do not be surprised if you have friends taking flights other than those mentioned above. There are several other flights taking Western Region Scouts to Chile. I have given you information on only the flights that are taking Venturers.

Meet the Venturers. George Denise will be attending his fourth jamboree, having attended the '93 and '97 US Jamboree and the "95 World Jamboree. He is an Eagle Scout. He works in the summer as a lifeguard and in the winter manages a ski/snowboard shop. He attends Azusa Pacific University. He enjoys skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, surfing, swimming, water polo, and rock climbing. He plays the trombone and is involved in the youth ministry program at his church, working with 5th-8th graders. He speaks Spanish, is a certified EMT, and was a central California wrestling champion at his weight (which his Mother did not know). George appears to lead a rather busy life. He is also our temporary Crew Chief.

There are approximately 100 days until we leave and there are several items that must be accomplished prior to our departure. It is extremely important that we maintain a two-way communications. When the Advisors request information from you, please respond quickly. If you have e-mail, use it since it is an easy way to pass information. Working together will insure that we meet our primary goal of having a good time in Chile.

Yours in Venturing

Dick Tennent