Tyle Fernandez

Here's my bio. It's a bit unusual, but what else would be Tyle?

Tyle Fernandez. (One person, two selves.) Born in San Francisco but eight months later moved to Germany for nine years where our parents taught elementary school kids on an American military base. Their job with the Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools also took us to Misawa Air Base, Japan, for the past ten years where they and our younger sister Alia continue to live. Tiger Cubs to Eagle Scout--we're turning 20 this December, and still active with a High Adventure Post in Athens, Ohio, the Jamboree Post out of Colorado, and the Order of the Arrow in Japan. As a sophomore at Ohio University, we're currently studying interactive multimedia and Japanese while running an independent graphics company known as treefrogSlime Multimedia. While performing with OAShows crews and creating yearbook layouts, taking an active role in environmental and human rights causes consumes the remainder of our time.