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The Table Mountain Association was formed in response to the Sheriff’s Department’s proposal to build a firing range on Table Mountain. On April 25th, a community meeting was held at the Altona Grange. Approximately 100 neighbors showed up (on short notice) and questioned the Sheriff’s Department fire arms coordinator about the proposal.

Within a week, the Sheriff’s Department withdrew their proposal because of the input from the neighbors at the meeting and subsequent phone calls, letters, and work by various concerned individuals. At the initial meeting, a Steering Committee was formed to address the problem. After the proposal was withdrawn, the Steering Committee decided to form an organization dedicated to continuing communication with the Department of Commerce management of Table Mountain and monitoring any future plans for the site.

The Table Mountain association was formed as a nonprofit corporation, with the following mission statement:

To achieve these goals, a quarterly newsletter will cover current issues affecting this area, Table Mountain’s natural and historic resources, on going research conducted on the mountain, and other topics of local interest.

Programs and get togethers such as our first, scheduled for August 8, are planned to occur regularly.

We are planning to develop a membership directory which could include information such as people’s interests (i.e. bee keeping, gardening), years of residence in the area, baby sitting resources, areas of expertise that you would like to share. Being listed in the directory will be strictly voluntary.

The Table Mountain Association is sending this first edition of our newsletter to all our neighbors within a three mile radius of Table Mountain. Three miles happens to be the approximate range of a stray assault rifle bullet.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or the Board of Directors, or have ideas you want to discuss, please feel free to call any of the officers or board members. We will be forming committees to address various interests and hope for input from all of you.

We Need Your Membership!

This is strictly a voluntary association. To meet our objectives and we need to have you demonstrate your strong support by becoming a member.

It is vital to raise a little money to defray the cost of mailings, printing and fees incurred by the association Membership dues are $5.00 and, of course, we will always welcome any additional donations which will help make this newsletter even better.

To become a member and continue to receive this newsletter, please fill out the form included on the back page and enclose your check payable to the Table Mountain Association and send it to Walter Maschmeyer at 9000 N. 39th St. Longmont, CO 80503.

Please urge your friends and neighbors to become members of our association.

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