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Presidentís Column

The Association is looking for new members that would be interested in serving on the Board of Directors. If you have ideas or are interested in helping with programs or events, we would like to have you become part of the group! It is only a small time commitment and the more people we have, the mor e events we can sponsor. The Board meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM. You can check the website for the host's address or call a board member for information.

Most important, the board of the association has sought to keep in touch with activities or proposed developments in the Table Mountain region that the board unanimously feels would threaten this area's unique quality of life.

The first of these, of course, was the County Sheriff's proposed gun range for the top of Table Mountain. This proposal was stopped by the combined work of the newly formed Table Mountain Association and the action of the Department of Commerce.

A second of these potential threats to our quality of life would be a significant increase in low flying air traffic and acrobatics over our area. The board has a standing committee, chaired by board member Steve Set, that monitors this concern.

During the last year the board has also closely monitored and unanimously opposed a proposal to build a reception hall to be located on approximately 43 acres of agricultural land below the hogback on the east side of the North Foothills Highway and north of Nebo Road. The reception hall is to be used primarily for weddings and group meetings. The article below describes the board's position on this proposal and its present status.

Over the better part of the last three years members of the association's board have come to believe that it is important to have an association with its mission in our area. This is one of a very few regions in Boulder County that still has a significant mix of agricultural land and residential areas. It is important, we believe, that the residents continue to monitor possible threats to our region and the unique quality of life associated with it.

The Table Mountain Association is beginning a new educational venture concerned with the local history of our region. Suzanne Webel has written two articles in this issue of the newsletter which focus upon elements of our region's local history. In the year ahead the association plans to sponsor several local history events for area residents. We encourage you to contact a member of our board, if you have knowledge of Table Mountain local history which you would like to share with others.

Please consider whether the association has made and would continue to make a contribution to preserving, protecting and enhancing our region's quality of life. If you believe that the association should continue this work, then why not join us if you have not already done so? A membership application can be found elsewhere in this newsletter. We encourage you to become a member of the association's board or volunteer to work on one of the association committees.

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