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With the maturing of the Table Mountain Association, an increasing number of issues are of concern to our membership. The Association has been instrumental in helping to maintain our predominantly agricultural and rural residential zoning status, and has provided continued surveillance of air traffic issues in the skies above us. In addition, the membership has expressed interested in having the Association help with a better understanding of weed control, the potential pollution problems of Left Hand Creek from early mining activities around Jamestown and Ward, and the locations and policies for control of prairie dogs in our area. This and the next issue of the newsletter will have several articles related to these issues.

Many of our members expressed appreciation for the area historical potluck held at Suzanne Webel's home and are asking for additional programs focused on the history of this area.

The board of the association has voted to give support to the Altona Grange board in buying new heaters for the Altona Grange, located on the southeast corner of 39th Street and Nelson Road. An article on page 2 describes more about the needs of the Grange and how local residents and members of the Table Mountain Association can help.

In order to maintain our small budget to pay for the printing of four newsletters a year, the Association is planning a Grange Sale the first part of October to be held at the Altona Grange. An article in this newsletter tells you more about this upcoming event and how you can participate in it.

The board meets at 7:00 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Altona Grange. We encourage you to come to these meetings and join with us in discussing and planning Table Mountain Association activities.

The Altona Grange Needs New Heaters

The Altona Grange has landmark status with Boulder County and has been used as a meeting place and reception hall for many years by residents of our area. The Table Mountain Association uses the Grange as a meeting place for our board and as an event center for many of our activities. The Grange presently has only one of its two heaters in working condition. A new heating system is desperately needed for the Grange.

The board of The Table Mountain Association has voted to support the board of the Altona Grange in planning for and purchasing a new heating system for the Grange.

One of our association members, Robin Lockwood, is working with Harold Steele, a local resident and a member of the Altona Grange, to review heating options and to determine which of the available options would be best for the Grange.

The board of the Table Mountain Association is committed to assisting the board of the Altona Grange with the purchase of the new heating system. We are asking you, as a resident of the area to make a contribution to this cause at this time. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a coupon which you may complete and mail in with your contribution to our association treasurer for this purpose. Your contribution will be used only for the purchase of a new heating system for the Altona Grange.

This is a most worthy cause. Please help to see that the Altona Grange remains as a vital meeting place for our community by making a contribution towards the purchase of a new heating system for it.

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