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Picnic Success!

On Saturday August 8th, 1998, the Association held its first program at the Triple Creek Ranch on Nelson Road. Thanks to Dave and Lynn McChesney for the use of their property and to Steve LeBlang of Ideal Market for donating the tea and coffee.

Dr. William Utlaut, the director of the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, spoke on the history of the research that has been conducted on the mountain. The area is a radio quiet zone, one of two such sites in the U.S. In fact, the television transmitters on Lookout Mountain in Golden have been modified to reduce signal strength in the direction of Table Mountain. Current research includes (1) managing federal use of the radio spectrum for public safety services (2) development of wireless data communication technology and (3) radio propagation research. Radio propagation research looks at the scattering of radio waves, which is important in design of telecommunication systems. The radio satellite dishes on the eastside of the mountain are used to detect upper space phenomena (not UFOs!). Other research includes high altitude nuclear detection which is used to detect large atmospheric disturbances from nuclear explosions. New research is aimed at measurement of electromagnetic emissions from equipment. If you would like more information, visit the Table Mountain Association website on BCN at

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