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YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! In just six months, The Table Mountain Association has been formed from a steering committee, obtained a non-profit corporate charter, published its first and second newsletter, and held a program and picnic for its members. Considerable research has been conducted on the mesa’s history, ecology, and legal status.

To date 95 individuals and families have indicated their support by signing up and paying their dues. Extra contributions have totaled $160.00. While this an excellent start, it is insufficient to pay for newsletter mailings to the nearly 900 homes within the three mile radius of the north end of Table Mountain. Each mailing costs about $350 in printing and postage, using the lowest available bulk rates.

If you support our mission statement, please send your membership application now. Besides giving us needed financial help, more importantly, it will allow us to claim you in the count of voluntary members in the event we need to present our case to the county or federal government. And please recommend membership to your neighbors.

In order to support an aggressive program by the association, the board of directors has decided to hold a rummage sale on October 24 at the Altona Grange. Details are provided above.

Please plan on participating!

Jim Mays 303-444-8058

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