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Emergency Preparedness Information Update
Emergency preparedness is a concern for everyone, so the Association has tracked down the following sources of information on this topic. The Boulder County Y2K Community Project has a free booklet that is available at their office in the Crossroads mall or by calling 303-247-1955. The City and County will be putting out booklets in September on the subject.
The Boulder Emergency Challenge Day, which is con-sponsored by the City of Boulder will be held on September 18th This is an informational fair which will include interactive programs, scavenger hunts and solar heating design contests. The location is yet to be announced. Check the Daily Camera, radio stations or call 303-247-1955 for location information.
In October, there will be a county-wide ham radio emergency procedure testing program. To participate, you must be licensed at the technician level at a minimum. So, if you are an operator in the Table Mountain area, please call Pat Lambert at 303-772-4338 or check his webpage at
Most importantly, have a heart and get to know your neighbors. Knowing each other strengths and needs is the best safety program under any emergency situation.
If you have skills, or help that you can lend in an emergency situation please call Cathy Lecce-Chong at 303-546-0591. A confidential list will be maintained by the Association for emergency purposes only. In addition, if you have medical conditions, transportation difficulties or any other physical challenges that would need to be addressed in an emergency situation, please let your neighbors or Cathy know , so the community can better serve everyone.

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