5735 Prospect Rd.
Longmont, CO 80503


WHERE: 8:30 ALTONA GRANGE (Corner Nelson Rd. and 39th St.)


TOUR TIMES: 9:00; 10:45; 12:30

"On August 25th of last year the Table Mountain Association Board of Directors was treated to a full afternoon tour of various scientific facilities on the top of the mesa, hosted by officials with the Department of Commerce and USGS." So began Suzanne Webel's informative article in the Table Mountain Association's September 1999 Newsletter.

The board so appreciated this tour that we asked Kent Groningen, Executive Director of NOAA's Labs in Boulder, if there might be a possibility to offer such a tour for members of the association. Kent responded by stating that they would be very happy to organize another tour for association members. Kent has asked Rick Johnson (a scientist at NOAA) to handle the details of the tour for the Dept. of Commerce. The Association's board is working with Rick on tour arrangements.

Scientists working for NOAA and USGS are graciously volunteering this Saturday day off to host association members at their facilities and to tell us about their work. It is wonderful that they are willing to give this time to us.

Without repeating Webel's informative article of last September, it is, perhaps, enough to let you know that NOAA has a Geodetic Survey Center there and a Space Environment Center which tracks geostationary observational earth satellites. The United States Geological Survey has a facility on the mountain that constantly measures the earth's magnetic field. Also housed on the top of the mountain is the Deep Space Exploration Society's dish antennas.

There is only space and time for 75 association members to take these tours. In addition, it is best to limit a tour to 25 persons. Therefore, there will be three separate tours of 25 persons each. These separate tours will depart from the Grange at approximately ( these times will vary based upon the length of the orientation meeting) 9:00 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Tours will be completed by 4:00 p.m.

All those signed up for the tour are asked to meet at the Altona Grange at 8:30a.m. on Saturday, July 22nd for an orientation session. This orientation session will introduce those taking the tour to the overall tour plans (car pooling assignments, etc.), as well as giving them an opportunity to hear from some of the scientists. Following this orientation meeting, the tours will leave from the Grange at the staggered times cited above. Children may go on the tour if accompanied by an adult. Cameras are O.K.

Association members wanting to go on this tour should contact Jim Swift in advance for a reservation by email (, by phone (303-938-9693), or by mail (8355 No. 39th St., Longmont 80503).


Annual $5.00 membership renewals will be due Oct. 1 to cover the period through September 2001. Or, if you havenít paid this yearís membership dues, please feel free to contribute!

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