Club members have several opportunities to win awards from the club.

Early Completion Award

Club members who successfully complete a non-livestock project by the June meeting are eligible to win $20.00. The project, including the record book, must be turned in at the June meeting.

Members who completed a project early in 2003 are:
Ellie Brewer Rachel Hesse
Mindy Coulson Katelyn Kelly
Bethany Hampton Michelle Reed
Jessica Hampton Scott Reed
Hannah Hesse Morgan Shaffer
Mary Hesse

Top Demonstrator Award

Each member must give a project demonstration at a club meeting before fair. Club members judge the demonstrations and chose the best demonstrator for each meeting. This person gets a $10 gift certificate to the movies. The finalists from each meeting give their demonstrations again at the last meeting before fair. The three top demonstrators receive $50.00 for 1st place, $25.00 for 2nd place, and $15.00 for 3rd place.

The top demonstrators for 2002-2003 are:
Rachel Hesse 1st place
Michelle Reed 2nd place
Kurtis Hampton 3rd place
Emily Kubalik
Bethany Hampton
Maria Allen

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