Boy Scout Troop 69 - The Eagle's Nest

Here are some pictures from Eagle Projects in the last few years. 

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Arapahoe Rendezvous 2002 (The TOP TROOP!)

    Snow Owl Patrol Flag

Michael Gordon Oct/2004
troop69_Gordon_Eagle_Proj-3_102004.jpg (55760 bytes)
troop69_Gordon_Eagle_Proj-2_102004.jpg (78497 bytes) troop69_Gordon_Eagle_Proj-1_102004.jpg (78208 bytes)
Matt Podlogar- Aug 2003
troop69_Matt_Podlogar_Eagle_project_cootlak_aug2003.jpg (91127 bytes)

Wyler Metge- July '03
troop69_wm_eagleproject_dedication_082003-4.JPG (65157 bytes)

troop69_wm_eagleproject_dedication_082003-1.JPG (99613 bytes) troop69_wm_eagleproject_dedication_082003-2.JPG (117534 bytes) troop69_wm_eagleproject_dedication_082003-3.JPG (109337 bytes)
Phil Taylor- Dec 2001troop69_PTaylor_Eagle_project_winter2002_Slide2.JPG (46972 bytes) troop69_PTaylor_Eagle_project_winter2002_Slide1.JPG (60286 bytes) troop69_PTaylor_Eagle_project_winter2002_Slide3.JPG (58348 bytes)
Nick Johnson- Mar 2002
troop69_NJohnson_Eagle_project_wanekalake_Mar2002.JPG (83026 bytes)
troop69_Nickjohnson_Eagle_project_spring2002.jpg (60324 bytes)
Brian Lovvorn Mar  2002
Adam Still  Aug  2002 Marcel Beig  Pat Carmichal 
Dec 2000
Josh Kauffman
May 2000
Jonathon Rose
Aug 1999
Ben Dengerink Dana Curlee
May 1999
Ethan Stephan 1994
Jeremy Still  1998 John Devilbiss  1998 Seth Doggett 
May 1998

Kenneth Cook
Kyle Lamb
March 1998
Justin Stennes Ben Dengerink
Sean Esslinger
Robby Thacker 

Chad Henry 1993
Chad Thacker  1996 Dave Burrows 1990's
Joe Saldi 
Bobby Saldi Kenny Saldi Anderson 1990's
Ed Martella (1970's) Mike Martella (1970's) Mike Varra (1970's) Davidson (1960's)

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