Boy Scout Troop 69 - Troop Sponsors & Volunteers

     Boy Scout Troop 69 has a standard of excellence and commitment to community service.  Currently, a troop of 40 scouts, we are chartered to Tri-City Elks in Louisville, Colorado. Active in the Boulder County area since the 1940's (chartered in 1942), many of Louisville's citizens have been members at one time or another.  No Boy Scout Troop operates without the services of both dedicated parent volunteers and sponsors!  Nearly all our Parent Volunteers are trained and marked with an asterisk. Thanks to all!

Position Adult 
Charter Organization Rep George Brown (Elks Club, Louisville)
Scoutmaster Robert Stone*
Troop Committee Chair Margi Haas*
Treasurer Jeanette Lee*
Advancement Chair Bill Andrews* & Ed Dawson
Hi Adventure Activities Curt Lehman*
Quartermaster Tim Cochran*
Secretary Bob Ariniello*
Webelos Outreach Margi Haas* and Mary Cronk*
Fund Raising Chair Bob Ariniello*
Service Project Coordination Tom Doyle*
Website Development Craig McNutt
Friends of Scouting Margi Haas* and Audry Girard*
Patrol Outreach/Counselors Mike Diestel*, Bob Arinello* & Terry West*
Rock / Ice Climbing/ HA Ralph Tavino*, Curt Lehman* & Dale Haas
Order of the Arrow Rep Cory Haven*
Assistant Scoutmaster
Bill Andrews*Bob Ariniello*
Tim Cochran*Chris* & Mary* Cronk
Ed Dawson*Mike Diestel*
Tom Doyle*Audry Girard*
Cory Haven*Tim* & Patti* Kealiher
Jeanette Lee*Craig McNutt
Randy Stevens*Terry West*