Boy Scout Troop 69
Information for New Scouts and Parents

The information on this page is intended to help our new Scouts and parents learn about our Troop, and the Boy Scout program in general.  If you have a question and do not find the answer here, please let us know by using one of the comment links below.

The most basic information is in our Troop Handbook.  This is intended for both Scouts and parents and should answer a lot of questions.

A puzzling thing to new members is always the Scouting lingo or acronyms.  Like what is "Rendezvous or Klondike", LPC, OA, etc.  Here is a general glossary of Scouting terms to help you figure out what we mean.  

People always are anxious about purchasing equipment.  This troop is well stocked with tents, tarps, cook gear, lanterns, etc.  The Charter Organization has helped us set up this troop so that families & young men should not have to purchase many items.  Since we do camp year round (even below 0F!), probably teh best thing a scout should have is a good sleeping bag.  There are several mountain gear stores in the Metro Area that give scout discounts (ie, Dick's, EMS, & REI).  Before purchasing anything, you might ask one of the troop members where is a good place to get gear.  

We welcome new members and visitors at any time. For more information, contact any of the leaders on our contact page

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Last Modified: September 29, 2006