Women United
Justice, Community and Family


What is our group all about?...

Women United for Justice, Community and Family is a grassroots group of women which is looking at ways to make change in the following areas: how society views and treats welfare recipients; how welfare and other services are administered; and how the needs of low-income women and single mothers are being - or not being - met by our society and in our community. We are a group of low-income and middle-class women who meet to talk about how these issues affect our lives and to strategize about solutions.

Since the group formed two years ago, we have been active. Some of the things we have been involved with include:

We are an open group and encourage you to attend a meeting when you can. We provide child care and dinner at each of our meetings, to make it easier for busy moms to attend. We welcome all new voices and input, so feel free to stop by a meeting or call us at (phone-number) to talk more about our group and your concerns. With changes being made in the public assistance system which our society desperately needs, now is the time to act. Hope to see you all at some point during the coming months.

Spanish translation by Leah Furumo

Women United
Boulder, Colorado