Dear Members and Friends:

     The attendance was small at the August 20 meeting but we had a
productive meeting.  The principal focus continued to be on the "Boulder
Trade Fair" planned in Yamagata on October 31 and continue through
November 3.

     We thank Kei Izawa for creating a painstakingly detailed inventory of
the products the members have obtained. The samples were shipped and
Yamagata City is making a careful decision on the items they may want to
purchase. The shipping date is set to be no later than September 15. The
City of Yamagata has managed to have 20 cases of Fort Collins's New
Belgium Brewing Company's product sent over in time for the festival.
They are also working on the shipment of Colorado beef and buffalo meat.
In addition, they described items that  would sell well in Yamagata
includes Colorado sports paraphernaria and the Native American crafts.

     John Shaw, our press secretary managed to place a another article
about the Fair this time about traveling in the Boulder Planet  came out
yesterday. Thank you, John!

     SOBA Makers Coming to Boulder, September 20-26
     At our invitation, three Yamagata  soba enthusiasts will come to
Boulder and demonstrate the ancient craft of soba making.  Please see
the following page for the two special events planned already. In
addition, we are looking for more places to arrange demonstrations. We
need to raise enough money for their  traveling expenses and local
costs. Charlie Pellerin has generously agreed to have the three men stay
at his home for the duration of their stay. The Yamagata Newspaper and a
cameraman from the Yamagata Broadcasting Co. will report on the
Flagstaff House event.
     Laying this contact plan out will be a focus of our coming meeting.

     Happy Labor Day Weekend! See you at the meeting,
     Charlie and Yoko