SOBA Makers Coming to Boulder

Many of you may know that Japan has a tradition of making "Soba" buckwheat noodles that goes back centuries. It is truly fascinating to watch these craftsmen roll the buckwheat dough to what looks like paper thinness, fold the dough and cut it to make noodles -it is a fascinating show!

At our invitation, Yamagata City, Boulder's sister city, are sending three masters in this ancient craft of soba making. Yamagata is proud of its reputation as the clean water, fresh mountain air and craftsmanship contribute to the various kinds of tasty soba. The three soba making masters will be in Boulder between September 21 and 25. In addition to the two special events planned, there will be demonstrations in various locations in Boulder area.

Here's Their Latest Calendar The three soba makers are:

Mr. Hideki Tanno
Mr. Eigo Furusato
Mr. Shigenobu Harada

The evening of soba making class is planned on:

Monday, September 21 at 7:00pm
Cooking School of the Rockies
637 South Broadway, Suite H
Boulder, CO
TEL: 303-494-7988

The hands-on class is limited to 12 students. The every participants will have an experience of making soba from the start using authentic soba-ko, buckwheat flower, brought in from Yamagata. The class end with time to savor the freshly made soba and accompaniment prepared by the chefs. The cost of the evening class is $45.

Special Luncheon at the Flagstaff House Restaurant
Wednesday, September 23 at 11:00am
Flagstaff Road, Boulder CO
TEL: 303-442-4640

The four-course lunch is a combination of a creation by chef Mark Monette, the Yamagata soba makers, a local sushi expert and the sake brewed in Colorado. The seating is Limited to 70 guests and the cost is $60 all inclusive.

For more information and reservations in Japanese
Contact: Yoko Tamaki Brandt
Japanese Market Liaison
Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau
TEL: 303-447-3117 or E-mail