Upcoming Trips to Japan

October 1 - 7
The City of Yamagata is hosting the International Congress for Global Peace from October 3-5, 1997. Yamagata City is encouraging participation from their seven sister cities/friendship cities. Mayor Leslie Durgin has accepted their invitation and will plan to travel to Yamagata at that time with Yoko. They will also attend the bi-annual International Documentary Film Festival Opening. The cost of the trip is yet to be determined, but it will be minimal: probably air and ground transportation only, since you will stay in people's homes while in Yamagata. The sightseeing and other activities will be included. Oh....such parties they host in Yamagata. Please join us (for further information call Yoko at 447-3117).

October 28 - November 5
"The Seventh Japan-America Grassroots Summit" will be held from October 30th - November 3rd. in Tokyo and Yamagata. Participants have a choice of interesting topics, such as culture, education, health, cooking, Noh drama, folk dancing, organic farming, etc. etc. etc.! Of course, as always, there will be plenty of sightseeing and parties as well, plus the opportunity to stay at local families' homes! The cost for the entire trip (Denver return) is only $1,600 per person, or $3000 for two for a ten-day trip!
Yasui!(great deal)
Omishiroso!(sounds interesting)
Ikimasho!(Let's go)