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The Geologic Chronology of the Cedar Mesa Area

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The following is a brief time sequence of the Geologic Eras and Periods along with some of the significant formations you may encounter in the Cedar Mesa area.

Era Period Million Years Formations
Cenozoic Quaternary Now...1.6 soil, sand,gravel
Tertiary 1.6...66.4 Igneous intrusions
[Laramide Orogeny]
Mesozoic Cretaceous 66.4...144 Mesaverde Group
Mancos Shale
Dakota Sandstone
Cedar Mountain
Burro Canyon
Jurassic 144...208 Morrison Formation
Entrada Sandstone
Carmel Formation
Navajo Sandstone
Kayenta Formation
Wingate Sandstone
Triassic 208...245 Chinle Formation
Moenkopi Formation
Paleozic Permian 245...286 Cutler Group:
White Rim Sandstone
Organ Rock Shale
Cedar Mesa Sandstone
Elephant Canyon Formation
Halgaito Shale
Pennsylvanian 286...320 Hermosa Group:
Honaker Trail Formation
Paradox Formation
[Ancestral Rockies Orogeny]
Pinkerton Trail Formation
Molas Formation
Mississipian 320...360 Leadville/Redwall Formation
Devonian 360...408 Ouray Limestone
Elbert Formation
Silurian 408...438 [Rocks missing]
Ordovician 438...505 [Rocks missing]
Cambrian 505...570 Ignacio-Lynch Formations
Pre-Cambrian Upper 570...2,500 Quartzites/Granites
Lower 2,500...4,500? Metamorphics/Granites

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