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Download Cedar Mesa Web Site Source Files

Here is a download of all the files for the Cedar Mesa web site in a *.zip file so you can install it for local access to the cedar mesa pages and go out to the web only for external links.

This setup assumes you have one of the pkunzip utilities that can unpack a *.zip file. The explicit sequence of commands to unpack it is unique to your system; call me if questions.

This file contains all of the cedar mesa web site files in open html format plus a few support files.

*.htm - all html files
*.gif - all graphics
*.txt - reader response form email template

To install these files for local access -

For consistancy, use the same directory structure I have:

c:\cacv\wweb\, altho it is not really needed.

Dos-level commands are used here to illustrate what needs to be done. Use whatever utilities your operating system has available.

From the root directory, make a directory \cacv

md cacv

Go to that directory -

cd cacv

make a subdirectory wweb -

md wweb

Go to that directory -

cd wweb

Delete any all old files (in case of a re-install) -

del *.htm
del *.gif
del *.txt

Unzip the downloaded file. Copy all the *.htm, *.gif, and *.txt files to the c:\cacv\wweb\ directory -

copy a:*.htm c:\cacv\wweb\
copy a:*.gif c:\cacv\wweb\
copy a:*.txt c:\cacv\wweb\

Start the web browser - Netscape or Explorer.

Issue the Open files command - Control-O:
  • Move to the \cacv\wweb\ directory.
  • Move to the index.htm file and double click on it.
  • This is the home page; single click on any link to go to that page.
  • And at this point, you are in the Cedat Mesa Project Web Site!
  • Be aware that clicking on any URL not of the form 'cacv....' is an external web address and will start up an Internet access.

Download via FTP the Cedar Mesa website code, as of September 14, 2000. (235).

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