Katchina Daisy

The Cedar Mesa Project

Rise with the Morning Sun

By Morey Stinson

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Savor the wonder of the new day
that the birds so joyously proclaim,

Note the quality of the early light
which reveals to us
the intensity of color
that surrounds us,

Use the cool of this time
for your energy
demanding endeavors,

Slow down as the heat of the day builds,
enjoy the shelter of an alcove
the Anasazi knew so well,

Listen as the gentle wind
rustles through the cottonwoods,

Marvel at the fury of a thunder storm
and its awakening of the slumbering
pourovers of the canyon,

Observe the emergence of the wildlife
as the setting sun diminishes the heat of the day,

Treasure this magic time of changing colors
as darkness reveals its celestial array.

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