Lean-To Field Notes

Generally open area, conifers some 15 ... 20 feet apart
Most of these conifers range from 8 ... 18 inches in diameter
No large stumps in the area
A few sporadic aspen in the immediate area
Large aspen thickets 100 ... 200 feet away to the southwest and northeast
The lean-to is a collection of peeled poles leaning against a horizontal pole
The horizontal pole runs geographic north-south between two large conifers
Those conifers are 75 inches apart
The northern conifer is 14 inches in diameter
The southern conifer is 11 inches in diameter
The northern end of the crosspiece is 88 inches above the ground
The southern end of the crosspiece is 74 inches above the ground
Both ends are wedged over old dry limbs
Dry limb on the south side is only 1 1/2 inches and probably dangerous
The leaning poles are 1 1/2 ... 3 1/2 inches in diameter with straight grain
There are some 30 poles on the west side, leaning at about 70 ... 80 degrees
The west side poles extend out some 12 inches from the center line
The north - south horizontal ground spread of the west poles is 85 inches
There are some 30 poles on the east side, leaning at about 40 ... 50 degrees
The east side poles extend out some 115 inches to the east from the center line
The north - south horizontal ground spread of the east poles is 110 inches
There are seven poles laying on the ground inside the lean-to
There is a lack of poles, possibly an entrance, on the south side
There are no obvious cut pole ends, no axe marks, no nails
There is a small fire circle 12 paces, 28 feet, to the west of the lean-to
Outside diameter about 24 inches
No charcoal obvious down to some 3 inches
There is a large fire circle 26 paces, 60 feet further west
Outside diameter 36 ... 40 inches
Charcoal on the surface of the ground inside
Remains of several peeled poles surrounding it
There is a pile of 5 peeled poles some 30 paces, 70 feet, to the north of this fire circle
By two large conifer trees 12 and 14 inches in diameter and some 6 feet apart
Two of these poles have sawed ends
August 28, 2003
E, Stiltner


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