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The Cedar Mesa Project

A Tribute to Grand Gulch

By Julia Johnson

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Grand Gulch, oh canyon of black stained cliffs,
Canyon of slick rock and disappearing stream,
What mysteries are hidden in your alcoves,
Or still lay buried in your sands?
Do your panels of hand prints tell of wars here?
Did the women here dance to Kokopelli's tunes?
I raise my eyes to dwellings high upon your walls.
Who lived there perched like a bird?
Were you their source of nourishment?
Did you serve them well?
As I walk through your corridors,
These questions come to mind.
I long to know your tales.
As the sun begins to sink below the rising walls,
And the shadows creep across the valley floor,
The winds increase and seem to carry with them
The essence of your soul.
A freedom we modern travelers yearn for but scarce can duplicate.
And while the dancing firelight throws shadows up into the sky,
I scan the darkness overhead to spot a satellite.
Your people knew not of such inventions and I know not of yours,
But to walk here in your paradise somehow restores peace,
Not only to my mind, but also to my soul.

By Julia Johnson, Spring 1989

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