Minutes of Oct 3, 2000 CeRSER General Meeting

In attendance: Peter Briggs, Kevin Lyles, Ann Armstrong, Betty Jo Page, Lisa Tasker, Jody Nelson, Rita Berberian, Tom Grant, Lynn Reidel, Michael Craig, Kathy Damas, Jane Bunin

Jody Nelson read the mission statement from the CeRSER bylaws:
The mission of the Chapter shall be to foster ecological restoration awareness, understanding, and activities among a broad spectrum of participants

The objectives of the chapter are:

a. To generate on-going community-based volunteer ecological restoration activities and projects on public and private lands.

b. To foster a growing sense of connection for participants with indigenous  ecosystems.

c. To develop ecological restoration as a science, art and conservation strategy through research and activities related to all areas of restoration, creation and management of ecological communities.

d. To promote the exchange of information related to ecological restoration through newsletters, society publications and meetings.

e. To educate the general public, public agencies, private groups and institutions through events, public programs, workshops, publications and guidelines on restoration, creation and management of ecological communities.

 f. To advise and consult with public agencies regarding improvement of standards and criteria for restoration, creation or management of ecological communities.

Some of the past activities of the chapter were listed:

1. Workshops:
Role of Soils in Restoration
Vegetation Sampling and Monitoring
2. Projects and festivals
Wildflower festival (couple of years in Breckenridge)
Eagle Fest
3. Annual Meetings
4. Field Trips
5. Volunteer Workdays

This discussion was followed by a brainstorm session to discuss future directions and activities of the chapter that meet the objectives stated in the by-laws.  Brainstorming session was prefaced with the question, how can this organization best serve you, the member?  What would you like to see it become and how should we focus our energy?

The following activities and ideas were suggested during the brainstorming session:

field trips
plant lists, seed mix development assistance
contact lists
resource lists
compile information on relevant conferences
facilitate propagation of native species
forming collateral partnerships with agencies that share our mission in order to facilitate activities
get members to contribute where they can put their energy most effectively

Ultimately, the most popular idea seemed to be that CeRSER could serve as “the” clearinghouse for information related to restoration. The chapter website would be an integral part of the clearinghouse role.
CeRSER could “make it easier for folks to get all the necessary info and find the answers they need”

Lisa mentioned that the international SER put together a member directory listing members and their expertise.  She suggested we could possibly do similar thing at the chapter level.  Kevin Lyles will work on putting together a survey to collect information on the expertise of chapter members.

Next, the meeting turned to the topic of regional representation.  Lisa suggested we should broaden our base beyond just the Denver-Boulder corridor. There are members all over the state (and Wyoming), but there are few opportunities to be involved in CeRSER outside the Denver-Boulder area.  It is proposed that a north, south, west, and metro region representative be appointed to the CeRSER board.  These individuals would be in addition to the existing board.  Currently, CeRSER has only three board members, a president, vice-president and a secretary/treasurer.  The newly appointed representatives would be voting members and would be required to attend only 1 board member per year.  In addition to increasing the size of the board, it is hoped that the appointment of regional representatives might encourage interested people outside the metro region to become more involved in the organization.

It was generally agreed that CeRSER should encourage members to find “pet” projects in their own communities rather than initiate new projects for the group.

Wednesday October 18 Meeting of the CeRSER Board

1. The board passed a resolution allowing it to appoint acting regional representatives chosen by the board.
2. The board passed a resolution to allow board voting via e-mail

Rita Berberian

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