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Alert: CU Tennis Courts Application

Who: Planning Board -- City of Boulder
When: Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 6:00 PM
Where:   Boulder City Council Chambers, 2nd floor, southwest corner of Broadway and Canyon


The Planning Board will be making a recommendation on the CU Tennis Court application.

Please attend this meeting which is one of the final hearings on the tennis court development application before the City and County. A number of us who have been following this issue closely will be out of town on Thursday and it is very important to get some people to the meeting to speak or observe the meeting.

Talking points should address the following:

Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) -

  1. The location of the tennis courts in relation to a state arterial highway interchange and the future development of US 36 as well as future CU development.
  2. What are the traffic standards for development in areas around interchanges involving state arterial highways?
  3. What are the cumulative traffic impacts from development not only from CU's use of the tennis courts but all other groups such as Boulder Valley School District who testified that they needed these courts? What about the impacts from the track field which has been approved for development?

New urban development
Is this not new urban development? At what point in CU's piece meal development of the South Campus is all this development considered new urban development?

1041 Article 8-511
Pick up the Planning Board packet from the Planning Department. Some citizens have addressed these issues with their comments.
Important sections are:

  • B, 3 on adequate water supplies.
  • B, 5,a-h on impacts to the open space, air quality, surface and groundwater, wetlands and riparian areas, terrestrial and aquatic animal and plant life, and soils and geologic conditions.
  • B, 8 on excessive noise CU wants to raise the limits.
  • B, 9 proposal will not be subject to significant risk from floods, etc. address possible berm failure.
  • B, 11 on capability of local government to provide services.
  • B, 14 on BVCP.
  • Section J on standards for development in areas around interchanges involving state arterial highways.

Floodplain Study

  1. We don't know the terms of the flows and the optimal mitigation for upstream and downstream residents.
  2. We need to complete the new study prior to any development at the CU South Campus. Putting in tennis courts now could interfere with where the flood storage detention area may have to go.
  3. The CU land holds the key to the health and safety of residents upstream and downstream of this property. This land could be used to solve the flooding issues in our community and therefore, no development should take place until the new hydrology report is completed and we have selected a mitigation system.

Link to Planning Board Agenda

Help Needed
Urge CU Officials to Negotiate Land Use Plans
with the County and the City

The University of Colorado/Boulder has completed its Conceptual Land Use Assessment and tentative plans for the development of the 308-acre Flatirons property in South Boulder. The plan contemplates the potential development of 128-160 acres (see map). The University claims that it is exempt from our city and county land-use regulations and from the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.

However, the City of Boulder Open Space Board of Trustees voted to recommend that the City defend the provisions of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan as they pertain to Flatirons property. The Comprehensive Plan would preserve 221 acres of the 308-acre property as Open Space. Also the Boulder County Commissioners, unanimously voted to adopt new, more stringent rules governing requests for building in flood plains. These regulations apply to the University of Colorado/Boulder and would place CU's long-term plans for permanent structures at the "South Campus" under the purview of County officials. In addition, the City has power to approve or not approve proposed development on the property if the University seeks boulder municipal utility and infrastructure services.

FOSC supporters are urged to ask University to gather comprehensive feedback and input from the people of Boulder who will feel the impact of this proposed development and to enter into good faith negotiations with the City and County to determine the optimal use of the Flatirons property.

Contact University of Colorado

Contact Boulder City Council

Contact Boulder County Commissioners

CU Master Plan Map
(Sept. 2001, 389K)

Regulatory Background Information

Slide Show of Wetlands Destruction

Here is a PowerPoint show of CU's ongoing activities on the Flatirons Property to destroy existing wetlands. This is an 8-frame slide show produced by Ben Binder.

Due to server constraints, it's a little tricky to download. In Netscape, right-click on the following link, and select "Save Link As". First download it as a .bin file. Then change the .bin to .pps afterwards. The file size is 1.1 mbytes, which will take a few minutes to download.

Download PowerPoint File

If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download a PowerPoint viewer from

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Concerned Citizens:

The Flatirons Open Space Committee was started two years ago to reverse a bad decision by the University of Colorado Board of Regents in 1996 when they agreed to purchase the Flatirons Property.

The purchase price was thought to be two to three times its market value; it lies largely in a flood hazard area; it is in the South Boulder Creek drainage which is an area that has been recently designated a State Natural Area; it may have protected species and other important environmental assets; development would cause a worsening of the congestion on the Boulder-Denver Turnpike; development of a two campus system would be inherently inefficient both for the City and the University; and, if it proceeds, this would be the worst example of urban sprawl and "dumb growth" in the history of Boulder.

Moreover, the University has not complied with a required Environmental Assessment that must be accomplish before such a massive development is even contemplated.

Please help us stop this ill-advised plan to develop a South Campus.

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