on-road bike path: these paths are usually painted but are on the same street level as car traffic. You can designate a favorite green scenic route of your own. Use the icon in a line: - - - -

separate bike path: separated from cars by curb, barricade, etc. On bridges, often shared with pedestrians. Green Maps can be merged with existing bike/trail/ commuting maps or simply mention good places to obtain these other maps. Use the icon in a line: - - - -

secure bike parking: attended parking area, or recommended area with adequate lighting and a bike rack.

major transportation station: multi-modal transit hubs served by more than one kind of public transport system, central station or depot for transit passengers. Often have other services available.

local transportation station: subway, bus or trolley stop, etc. Bus stops may be too numerous to map.

pedestrian zone: Streets and public areas that prohibit motor vehicles, other auto-free areas, and bridges with safe pedestrian lanes. Access by vehicles may be allowed part time. Use Icon in a line: - - - - .

public square: public open spaces which may have benches, fountain, etc. A traditional urban gathering place, sometimes without cars. Occasionally a public square is located in a garden or park, or indoors in a mall.

best walk: follow a path around an especially interesting area. Walks can be established or recommended by the Green Map team but should be non-intrusive to sensitive areas. Icon can be used to designate a running path through a natural area. Icons can be used in a line: - - - -

boat launch site: for human powered boats, like canoes, rowboats or kayaks, or solar powered ones like sailboats. Your Map can mention if a permit is needed, or if there is some other restriction to use freely.

alternative vehicle/fuel: where you can fill your car with compressed natural gas, propane, bio-fuel or hydrogen, or buy bottled fuels. Exchange batteries or fuel cells, and other renewable and ecologically preferred power sources. This Icon can be used at a site where you can buy or research alternative fuel vehicles, and find out more about the true environmental costs of producing these fuels.

park & ride: parking lots for cars (or bikes) with a convenient public transport connection. Sometimes Park & Rides are subsidized or free to encourage drivers not to bring their car into the center of the city.

park & charge facility: your electric vehicle can be re-charged by solar (or conventional power grid) while parking here.

revised 2-4-99
text from the Green Map System's Guide to Green Mapmaking, ©Modern World Design 1999