Renewable Resources

solar energy site: places where you can see solar panels, passive solar examples and wind generators, and perhaps get information about them. Includes solar energy shops and contractors, government and utility company sites.

renewable technology site: for example, hydrogen mines, biomass generation, or an industrial ecology park, research, related agencies and perhaps funding sources. Technology focused on zero emissions and sustainability.

eco design resource: a source for the best materials and supplies for sustainable building, landscape, graphic, product, fashion and other kinds of designers. May be an organization for information, or a place to gather natural materials, a store, exchange center or showroom. Simply may be a place where you can draw inspiration from natural systems.

recycling: drop-off sites for materials that can be reprocessed or refilled. Businesses that buy, work with or sell products made from recycled materials. City program information contacts. Can include good examples of places where recycled materials are in use.

reuse site: second-hand shops, flea markets, repair shops, materials exchanges. Decide whether all second-hand shops should be included, or only those that donate a percentage of profits to charity. You can select the top ten, or choose another criterion for inclusion. Significant reused buildings can be included.

composting site: site where food scraps, leaves and garden trimmings are turned into rich new soil, with the help of worms, containment bins and turning machines. Large-scale or demonstration project, information and resources for home and garden composting and leaf recycling programs. May include drop-off site for food scraps, or good place to buy locally produced compost. May be run by the city or a separate group.

water recycling system: using plants and aquatic animals to aerate, filter and purify water, without adding chemicals. There are many kinds of high and low tech water recycling systems in the built environment, check with your department of environmental protection for more information.

revised 2-4-99
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