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May 27, 1999
From: Dave Blumenthal

This first version of the Boulder Green Map is very low tech and inexpensive to produce, but we have visions of a more elaborate and expensive second version for sometime in the future. Hence our group is thinking about ways to use the current map as bait for getting real financial support. Here are some of the ideas that we are considering:

1)first round-take the internally collected $350 and print as many as we can get.

2)in the next week or two-take a few samples and distribute them to the key people and organizations. Ask for money in the $100-$300 range to enable us to produce greater quantities. Some people were concerned that the donor "get" something, possibly including some number of Green Maps, text acknowledgement in the fine print section, or the inclusion of their logo.

3)to raise capital for v.2-"sell" a master copy of the map to an organization (Whole Foods Market, for example). Following certain guidelines, they could put their logo or the words "brought to you by Whole Foods Market" on the master, and make as many copies as they want, at their expense.

Personally, I have a problem letting go of production control as is suggested in (3). It also seems like a legal pain-in-the-neck to ensure the public sees a consistent product. I think that part of the value of the Green Map is the integrity of the mapmakers, and their interest in consumer/citizen education and not in self-promotion/profiteering.

May 13, 1999
From: Dave Blumenthal

You may notice that there are no architects/builders/contractors, although I am sure that there must be at least one that meets our criteria of "intention". There are between 20 and 30 businesses of this kind that have gone through the city's "Green Points" program. There are another 6-8 building businesses that I have discovered elsewhere. The Green Points program is about awareness and not actual changes in practice, so sets a standard lower than what we are looking for. Sue Wallace at the BECC recommeded that because the building trade involves so many environmental factors, the only way to narrow down the list would be use a survey, written to meet our needs. I think that this is worthwhile, but not feasible given the current time frame. I propose that we leave the building sector off of the map for now, and do a survey later so that noble businesses meeting our criteria can be included in a future map edition--comments?

April 29, 1999
From: Mark McCaffrey

I especially like the Information and Natural Features sections, although Infrastructure seemed skimpy.
Perhaps some mention on the map should be made to all the non-point source outfalls into the creek which are a major source of pollution in the creek.

March 2, 1999
From: Dave Blumenthal

Welcome to the discussion forum. I will post here any e-mail you send me that would be useful for the entire group to see. Check back often, and stay in touch!

1999 Boulder Green Map Project