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These are just a few of the resources available on this subject. Many sites have resources on a wide variety of subjects. You may wish to visit links listed under other areas such as Career Handbooks, or Career Advice. There is a much wider choice of sites available from the meta-lists page.

Resume Banks

1st Steps In The Hunt: Resume Distribution
BSA CareerMart: Resume Bank -- Welcome
ERN - Resume Databases List
JobHunt: Resume Banks
Online Sports - Career Center Resumes
Resumes On The Web
Technology Registry
World Wide Web Resume Bank

Resume Services

Nerd World: Resume and Resume Services
Resume Services - 1st Steps in the Hunt

Resume/Cover Letter How To's & Builders

1st Steps In The Hunt: Sample Resumes
JobSmart--Resumes & Cover Letters Index
JobSmart--Selected Resume Sources on the WWW
Peterseon's Education Center - Designing Your Resume
Resumes and Cover Letters
Tips on Setting Up a Scannable Resume
Top Ten Technical Resume Writing Tips

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Please note: BCN is not a job-search service. Beyond providing you with the following links and information, no other assistance in finding employment is available. BCN also does not guarantee the accuracy of information on linked pages.

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