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Examples of Activities

Let's Play's focus is on cooperative games where everyone is a winner! We custom design the day's event to your specific needs and goals. Here's a few examples of activities we might facilitate with your group.


Knots is a game that gets people together by getting people apart! Everyone stands in a circle and puts their hands in the center. No one holds hands with the same person. Now it's up to the group to untangle the knot. This is a real group bonding activity!

Data Processing

It's always fun to find out exactly who we are playing with! Here's an easy icebreaker. The group arranges themselves in order of height. Sound easy? How about with your eyes closed?! We can also arrange ourselves by first names, in alphabetical order. If we shake hands as we sort things out, we can get to know each other in the process. The way to categorize are endless. How about by where we were born or our favorite ice cream flavors.

Psychic Hand Shake

This activity requires a more meditative frame of mind. Everyone in the group picks a number in their head--one, two, or three--that feels right for them at the moment. Without breaking the mood, we mingle and start shaking hands with one another. If my number is one, I shake your hand just once; if it's two, I shake twice; and I shake your hands three times if it's three. If we have different numbers, there is an unmistakable moment of tension as one of us tries to stop the shake while the other continues. But if we have the same number, we stop at the same time and we know we're in the same group. Those of us with the same number stick together and continue our search. Amazingly, more often than not, we will divide ourselves up into three equal groups!

People to People

Everyone pairs up and stands in a circle, facing one player in the center who is the leader. The leader calls out a body part such as "back to back." The leader may say "knee to knee" and we touch knees. Matching body part to body part, we continue until the leader shouts, "people to people!" That's the signal for everyone to scamper about and find a new a partner. The leader gets lost in the shuffle and finds a partner too. The new odd person out is rewarded as the new leader.

Earth Ball

Keep the six feet in diameter, light weight earth ball in space. Everyone helps to keep the earth spinning!

Cookie Machine

Each player provides the ingredients, and we all supply the oven! First we form two lines that face each other, all of us standing shoulder to shoulder with our elbows bent and our forearms in front of us, palms up. Our forearms should alternate, one player's arms should be flanked by the arms of player across from him. Everyone must bunch together with one foot forward and one foot back for balance. Now we've got a solidly built oven with a conveyor belt running down the middle. The person going into the "oven" stands at one end. The rest of us are the bakers and we gently bounce him along the conveyor belt until he pops out the other end, freshly baked. We can't afford any broken cookies, so have two strong bakers available to ease each cookie out of the oven.

Challenge and Problem Solving Activities

We facilitate hour-long problem solving activities where groups work cooperatively to accomplish specific goals.

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