Boulder BikeWeek '96

An annual event produced by GO Boulder. For more information, call 441-4260 or email GO Boulder.

Sponsors of Boulder BikeWeek '96

Boulder Community Hospital GO Boulder/City of Boulder RTD StorageTek PowerBar Colorado Daily

Radio sponsor: 96.5 The Peak, Denver's (and Boulder's) Rock Alternative

Additional BikeWeek supporting sponsors:

* Big Brothers & Sisters * Bolder Bicycle Commuters * Boulder Breakfast Optimist's Club * Boulder Weekly * CU Credit Union * Charlier Associates * Colorado Lottery * Downtown Boulder, Inc. * Dynamow * High Wheeler * Kids Kab * Load Llama * Mirrcycle Corp. * OilMe Bikes & Boards * Pasta Jay's * Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine * SecurCare * Bobby Troup * CU Bicycle Program * Wheels Manufacturing *

Schedule of Boulder BikeWeek events

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Bike to Work Day

Breakfast Stations in Boulder

will serve breakfast from 7-9 A.M.; early-bird locations marked with an asterisk will be open from 6:30 A.M.

Minor repairs and safety checks

will be available at the following breakfast stations in Boulder (breakfast location: bike shop):

Other breakfast stations in Boulder County

will serve breakfast from 7-9 A.M.; early-bird locations marked with an asterisk will be open from 6:30 A.M.

The incentives

Bike to Work Day Challenge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for BTWD Coordinators

Q: Does it count if I walk, run, skate, blade, ride the bus or carpool?

A: Unfortunately, no. The is Bike to Work Day, so at least some part of your commute has to be by bike. While GO Boulder does promote all types of alternative transportation, on this one day we focus on the bicycle.

Q: Even though I live far away, I'd still like to participate.

A: You can drive part of the way and then ride your bike, as long as your ride at least two miles. While this doesn't reduce pollution by much, it does help introduce people to the idea of using bikes for transportation. Consider using RTD to transport your bike instead of driving your car. Regional routes allow bikes on busses if there's room in the luggage compartment. Many local routes in Boulder have bus racks; you should, however, first learn how to use the bike racks and get a free bike pass, which can be obtained at the RTD Transit Center on Walnut and 14th Streets.

Q: There's just no way my company is going to win the Challenge; why even participate? We don't want to be embarrassed by a poor showing.

A: While the Business Challenge is a competition, GO Boulder's main objective is to get people to think about riding to work. We want them to figure out the route, decide what to wear, and get their bike tuned up. The Business Challenge is an effective way for companies to help employees through this process. Only the winners are publicized, so there's no focus on those with low participation.

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