Virtual Chautauqua

Information Provider Contract


Before contributing information for incorporation into the Virtual Chautauqua web site, information providers are required to sign this contract indicating that they have read, understand and will comply with the terms herein. Mail or FAX a signed cop y to:

Boulder Community Network

Campus Box 455 Boulder, CO 80309-0455 FAX: 303-492-4198



Information Provider: Any individual or organization providing content for the purpose of web site development.


Content: Text, video, audio, discussion forums and other web-based tools which are part of a web page or web site.


Web Site Developers: The individuals (volunteers or staff) or the organizations which employ them (i.e. Boulder Community Network and Arts Communications). In some cases, information providers may be their own web site developers.


Web Site Hosts: Those organizations which own and/or maintain responsibility for the computers (servers) which physically house Virtual Chautauqua content. Several organizations are involved in hosting Virtual Chautauqua content including but n ot necessarily limited to: Arts Communications, Boulder Community Network, CATV of Boulder, DCTV of Denver and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


This contract is intended to clarify the responsibilities and liabilities of information providers, web site developers, and web site hosts related to the Virtual Chautauqua project.


On-line Financial Transactions

Capabilities for on-line financial transactions will not be provided nor supported by the Virtual Chautauqua project. Limited commercial information (i.e. names of musical artist compact discs available) may be included on Virtual Chautauqua web si tes.



Any material that is deemed obscene under Colorado law will not be hosted on the Virtual Chautauqua Web Site. In the case where information providers serve as their own web site developers and the posting of such material is brought to the attenti on of the web site host, the content in question will be removed by the host until further deliberation is possible.



Libel, Hate Messages, and Violence

Libelous material, hate messages, and material that incites or advocates violence will not be hosted on the Virtual Chautauqua Web Site. In the case where information providers serve as their own web site developers and the posting of such materia l is brought to the attention of the web site host, the content in question will be removed by the host until further deliberation is possible


Editorial Rights and Responsibilities

The Information Provider maintains all editorial rights and liabilities for the content on his or her web pages. In the case where an information provider web page is developed by another party, the information provider maintains responsibility fo r all content posted. It is the information provider's responsibility to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of content. The information provider shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Virtual Chautauqua web site hosts in all cases arising out of an y defamatory or illegal, or allegedly defamatory or allegedly illegal material placed on Virtual Chautauqua servers.


Copyright Laws

Information providers agree to comply with current state and federal copyright laws. Copywritten materials not under the ownership of the information provider may not be posted on the Virtual Chautauqua site without written consent of the copyrigh t holders. The exception includes the posting of segments of such materials provided for under Fair Use clauses concerning use of copywritten materials for educational purposes. Information providers are fully responsible and liable for any violatio ns of copyright law related to content they provide for posting on their Virtual Chautauqua web site. Information providers agree to indemnify the Virtual Chautauqua project and partners from any liability which may arise from my misuse of copywritten ma terials of others parties.


Information providers are encouraged to include a copyright clause with any original works that appear on their web pages. Information providers are responsible for pursing any litigation should their copyrights be violated. Information providers al so warrant that they have not assigned or exclusively licensed their work to another entity. They agree to indemnify the Virtual Chautauqua project and partners form any liability for use/misuse of their own copywritten materials carried on the Virtual Chautauqua web site.


Timely and Accurate Information

The information provider is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of information. The information provider will conduct periodic reviews of their information on the web site and initiate changes in content to maintain continued re levance, accuracy, and accessibility. Under no circumstances will the Virtual Chautauqua web hosts or other Virtual Chautauqua project supporting organizations or individuals be liable for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obta ined on the Virtual Chautauqua web site which was inaccurate.




If an information provider does not comply with the above terms in the opinion the directors of any of the web host sites, their information may be removed without notice. The provider may appeal their case to the Virtual Chautauqua partners whose decision is final.

Awards Terms


Some information providers will have received special awards to assist them with the development and early maintenance of their Virtual Chautauqua Web site. In signing this contract, these award recipients also indicate that they have read and und erstand the attached document titled "Virtual Chautauqua Award Terms and Conditions."



I have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of the Virtual Chautauqua Information Provider Contract.


I hereby give my permission to the Virtual Chautauqua project to host my web site on the Virtual Chautauqua web site. In addition, the project has permission to use my web site content for promotional, educational, and research purposes.



(signature of information provider or legal representative in the case of an organization)





Information Provider Name (print) : ___________________________________________


Contact Person (if provider is an organization): __________________________________




City:, _____________________ State: _______ Zip:______________


Phone:_________________ Fax:_____________ E-mail:_____________________





Virtual Chautauqua Award Terms and Conditions


Page Standards


Each artist or arts organizations web site will be created based on a general template to be used by all web site award recipients. Award recipients will provide the content for their pages by filling out

a questionnaire and returning it to their assigned web site developer. In addition, they will cooperate with their web site developer and the project coordinator to develop and/or digitize at least one performance or performance clip f or their web site.


Your basic web site development award will require you to provide the following:


1. A still photo or graphic of you or some aspect of your performance.

2. Biographical information

3. At least one recorded (video or audio) performance piece or clip

(The award provides for capturing (recording) of the performance at your request.)

4. A description and/or analysis of your digitized performance clip(s).

5. Your email address

6. Responses to email or online bulletin board inquiries about your site.

7. Link to Virtual Chautauqua web site


You may expand your web site beyond the above award provisions.


Page Updates and Maintenance


You may request that your assigned web site developer update your site once every 4 months beginning on the date that your site goes online. This update provision terminates at the close of the Virtual Chautauqua grant period on Septem ber 30, 2000. The assigned web site developer may request a service fee for more frequent updating. You may take it upon yourself or an outside contractor to update your site more frequently. Any fees incurred by the information provider by an outsid e contractor or in seeking additional assistance is the responsibility of the information

provider. Virtual Chautauqua partners and the University of Colorado are not liable for any incurred expenses.


Hosting Expiration


At the conclusion of the Virtual Chautauqua grant period on September 30, 2000, the information

provider is responsible for securing a host for their web site. It is likely that at that time, should the information provider request that their site be maintained at its current location, hosting fees may be applied.


Research and Evaluation Participation


Research and evaluation is an important part of the Virtual Chautauqua project. Award recipients are strongly encouraged to cooperate with the research team.